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 Do doctors usually require you to fast before testing your blood sugar or for diabetes?

How can i tell if im diabetic without going to the doctor for labwork?
im 14,i wasnt diabetic when they tested me when i was a baby. one day i had a blood sugar reading of 255,and my dad wants me to go get blood taken to see if i have sugar problems,because he was recently diagnosaed as a diabetic,and hes 40. but i dont want to go because im TERRIFIED of blood and needles. any way to tell if i am or not without going to the doctor? and do u think i am?

Maxy R
I don't know if you are, but i am actually wondering if i am diebtic too. Both of my parents are, and its heredertary in my family.. well in usually most families... but i went last week to the doctor for a check up and i had to do a urine sample and it said i was fine, but usually if ur diebtic "protein" is in the urine, and i didn't have any, but next week i have to go for a blood test i'm really nervous too i hate needles and im pertrofied of them of them as well so ur not alone :(

it is possible that you may be. also that you may not. it all depends on you sugar level under 100 is norm 101-125 is prediabetic and over 126 is diabetic while fasting. sometimes if you are a diabetic you may have no symptoms but the more common ones are: frequent urination and a thirst that you cannot get rid off. also if your cuts don't heal fast is a big indication that you may very well be diabetic... unfortunately, there is no way of knowing unless you have your blood tested

Nope, you've got to test the blood to see how much glucose is in it, that's what determines if you're diabetic or not. It won't be fun, but it will be quick so just try to relax and do something nice for yourself when you're done.

You can't, and there's absolutely no way, apart from going to the doctor's and having blood drawn that anyone can make a diagnosis. (They might have their suspicions, based on experience, but that's not a diagnosis.)

If your blood sugar level was genuinely 255 mg/dL you must see your doctor. That is a clear indication that you could be diabetic. (There are other ways for your blood sugar levels to be high, but it will pay you to pluck up the courage and see your doctor.)

Please believe me, the longer you leave, what could be diabetes, untreated, the greater the risk of your developing complications. Do yourself a big favour [favor, if you're American] and book in to see your doctor.

I wish you the very best of luck for a long, healthy life.

This is not something to mess around with. Two people died recently from diabetes because they or their family waited too long to get to a doctor. You need to find out for sure right away.

If your blood sugar was 255 and you weren't suffering from some kind of major infection, the chances are very high that you are diabetic. The fact that your dad has it as well raises your risk even more.

But here's the deal. You can learn to take care of yourself. In no time, you'll be comfortable with needles and your own blood. It's scary at first, but you'll learn.

But don't wait. It can be very dangerous to wait.

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