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How Do I Bring Blood Sugar Down Quickly?
My Grandfather has Diabetes, and every now and then his blood sugar spikes up really high. I was wondering what a good way is to bring your blood sugar down quickly and safely is. He suffers with type 2 diabetes. Thanks for any help ;)

Exercise does wonders. Going for a walk can do wonders. If he is on insulin, he can take a couple of units. If not, have him get out & do something.

He should have an oral hypoglcemic (pill) for that!

Becky W
take med's to bring it down just be careful

He could take a couple of units of insullin if he is allowed to do so by his doctor. Excercising may work some, but also, since your body is burning sugar by excercising, it lets out some of the extra stored sugar through the body so his blood sugar level may just go right back up again.

he may need insulin injections. have him see his doctor and explain the situation.

i'm a type 2 diabetic and have to have insulin injections because the oral medication wasn't doing he job.

Dawnita R
Januvia will do that with the otther medications.

Drinking water will also help. As much as he can stand. It will help flush some of the sugar out of his blood.

Be leary of the exercise advice. If blood sugar is over 240, his body may be breaking down fatty acids, which causes ketones. At that point, the body has a very hard time using the nutrients in the blood, which are needed by muscle to exercise.

He should have a number to call at his doctor's office to help him in these situations. Until he can get through, drinking some sugar-free fluid wouldn't hurt, because high blood sugar causes dehydration, which can also make the whole situation worse.

^ He needs to speak to his endocrinologist or his diabetics teacher about this, it depends on the medication he is taking, the person who mentioned exercise is right to a point, exercise does help but you can't exercise when you glucose (sugar) is to high or to low.

My doctor told me If my glucose is 400 or higher go to the hospital emergency room, it may be different for your grandfather, the only safe way is to follow his doctors instructions, he may have other health problems that need to be addressed as well. I hope this helped. Good luck.

Your Grandfather needs to know how to take care of that.
Have him see an endocrinologist and learn what to do himself.

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