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Has anyone ever heard of blood sugar from diabetes being as high as 750 if not what is the highest it can be??

Dorothy and Toto
That's really high.

Good health comes from a BALANCE in our DIET, REST AND EXERCISE.
There are many things that can be done to overcome type II diabetes, and improve the life of a Type I diabetic.
Natural remedies are quite effective, and include:
Bitter Melon
Gymnema Sylvestre
Nopal cactus
american Ginseng
Chromium picolinate

If you are serious about not being falling victim to diabetes needlessly, get a copy of "One Son's Quest for the Cause and Cure of Diabetes", ISBN 7890766313. It's a life saver, and the best money you'll ever spend on the subject.
It helped me, and my brother, who was dying. We lead mostly normal lives now. Best of luck.

I love my AGGIE!!
When I was diagnosed mine was 940. I was in the hospital for about a week. I didn't know what the symptoms were and I had let it go on for quite a while before going to the doctor to ask why I was having such strange problems (dry mouth, always SO thirsty, and peeing all the time)

A person with diabetes can have incredibly high blood sugar readings. I've been a diabetic for many years and at one point mine was over 800!!!! My body tolerated it better than it should have. I actually walked into the emergency room and told them that my monitor hadn't been reading my levels for about 4 hours and since I was taking injections and my levels still weren't reading it scared me. Of course I didn't feel the best in the world. The physicians were amazed at the fact I was alert with a reading that high. My best friend was took the emergency room 2 years ago because he got deathly ill Thanksgiving day when they checked his levels his blood sugar was 1300!!!! He didn't even know he was a diabetic till that day. It sounds impossible for someone to be alive with a reading that high but some of us are extremely lucky to make it through these times. My mother works in a hospital and they just had a man die because his levels were over 2500!!! That's the highest I've heard of but I'm sure they go higher than that.

yea, i've been there. I have heard of kids in the thousands, my dad was 1200 when he was diagnoised.

My Doctor told me if mine got to 350 and stayed for a day to go to the hospital.

Sassy OLD Broad
It can be so high that the monitor will not register the reading. It will say something to that effect. I've heard of glucose running in the 500-600's so I suppose it's possible. Godloveya.

When I was found passed out at work, they took me to the emergency room where lab results showed that my sugar level was a shockingly high 1284. That's no joke. I was in the ICU for a week on all sorts of insulin drips. I asked my doctor if I held the hospital record. He shook his head and said no.

Even though I was diagnosed with diabetes that day, and I didn't hold the hospital record, I figure it's all ok because I'm still alive.

Yes, I've heard of that. Ecspecially for people who don't know/don't care about their diabetes. Before BG testers were available and affordable, people had no way of tracking their BG's. I know somebody who has been over 1,000! It can go as high as your body will allow it. I'm sure there is a point where your body might shut down but I don't know how high that is or what exactly would happen.

Yes, 750 is pretty high. There's really no set limit that cannot be surpassed, but with a blood sugar of 750 a person is in very obvious need of immediate medical attention. Extremely rapid acting insulins, e.g. Humalog, will bring down the blood sugar quickly.

As a nurse, I've seen it that high but a person was then put on an insulin drip. I'm not sure how high it can go before it is incompatible with life. An endocrinologist could answer to that.

Uther Aurelianus
I'm not sure the highest possible, but 750 is just way beyond acceptable. Normal range is 80-120.

The glucometers that the medics I work with use don't register higher than 500. We have a regular pt whose meter goes to 600 and she's told us a couple of times that she maxed that out. She has no other serious symptoms of hyperglycemia, mostly because she is like that all the time.

When I was first diagnosed 10 years ago, my blood sugar reading was over 1000 (the meter stopped counting at that point, so I don't know how high it actually was). But to answer your question, yes, it is possible.

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