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 Is it common for people to die because of type II diabetes?
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 I think my husband may have diabetes?
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 What number would make you a diabetic?

 My husband has diabetes?
he jus stsrted lantis injection once a day and novo rapid 3 times a day.it was ment 2 control it better but his blood sugar is always high now.he's tried giving more but is still high and his ...

 What made you first decide to get checked for diabetes?
For those who are diagnosed as an adult? Was it just a random blood test, family history? Or did you feel weird, what symtoms did you feel other then thirsty and urniation? I know those are the ...

 Very Worried!!! okay, my mom is a really bad diabetic, and also has SEVERAL mental health probs...here's the
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 What exactly does high blood sugar do to the body in someone with diabetes?

 I've had diabetes since i was 4?
and i was wondering if anyone out there could relate....

 Could I have Diabetes?
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My dad has diabetes, I think he was diagnosed around 30. I'm not overweight like him, actually I'm a little underweight (...

 Can i drink the night before geting a blood test??

 My husband is diabetic and has an infected sore on his foot! What can I do for him tonight!?
My husband is 60 years-old and has type 2 diabetes that is treated with both pills and insulin shots. He has nueropathy in his legs and feet. He really doesn't watch what he eats no matter what I...

Eating neem tree leaf is good for health?
The person who has "suger level high" in his blood, can he intake neem leaf occasionaly?

Neem leaves are known for its bactericidal effects and acts as curative in several skin diseases. There is no evidence that the Neem leaves can reduce blood sugar levels. However, if occasional intake has a placebo effect on the patient, one may proceed further. It does not have any side effects.

yes, about 10 leaves empty stomach, very effective with a 45 minute walk every morning.
it can get ur sugar level to normal in a few days.
Do continue other medications that you are on though, and do consult your doctor regularly.

s. its true. not only Neem, even bitter gourd is good for sugar patients.


eating Neem is good 4 health.it vil control sugar level quickly.dont eat sweets.itz not good 4 health.Neem leaf has many medicinal properties.if sugar level is high u shud not take rice in large amounts it contain carbohydrates wich the blod sugar.u shud take chapati

kaushik murali
Even though I have not read anywhere that Neem leaves reduce sugar level it is seen that bitter vegetables reduce sugar level. But definitely ,eating Neem leaves daily is good for health. it helps clearing your digestive track from germs.

Rocking Ranjit

Namaste & Hello,

I’m Ravishankar from India. I’m a Qualified & Practicing Yoga Therapist & Acupuncturist. I’ve also been traditionally initiated into our ancient Ayurvedic System of Nadi Pariksha (Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis).
I can help you solve your problem but I may have to ask you a few questions, if necessary, to ascertain the cause of the symptoms you are facing. Your response will help me help you.

Attacking high sugar levels & Diabetes cannot be solved by eating Neem leaves.

Diabetes is a life style disease & needs to be handled differently. Try to look at what caused it.

These are a few of the many reasons I can quote which can cause diabetes;

1. Not having a proper daily schedule.
2. Lack of focus on health because of priority to work etc.
3. Sleeping late at night.
4. Drinking water with food.
5. Getting up late in the morning.
6. Having problems of Acidity because of wrong eating habits.
7. Over eating.
8. Lack of exercise

Attacking Diabetes will have to be done by assessing your constitution. This will eradicate the disease than treating it for life, which is absolutely not required. There is cure for this ailment. Provided a person is ready to cooperate for the sake of his own health.

WRITE TO ME at rudra661@gmail.com TO KNOW HOW TO MAINTAIN THE BEST OF HEALTH - FOR LIFE, NATURALLY!!! Services available - Yoga Therapy, Nadi Pariksha(Ayurvedic Pulse Diagnosis), Acupuncture, Acupressure, Counseling on Heath, Stress & other Psychological issues.

Also, you may visit my HEALTH GROUP at the website mention below but you need to register to become a member & see its contents. The website address is;

yes neeem as well as tulsi is very goood
and diabetic shld also have karela its very good for diabetics

ya ali
its good but what may the quantity of Neem you take will not help if you do not modify your actual diet pattern.
why are sugar level high is it newly deducted if yes. bring down the level to controlled level with the help of your doctor and dietician.
your should seriously think if your are a known diabetic uncontrolled. may it be Neem leaf or what ever may be they may not help much.

diet and exercise is only remedy.

yes its very gud . its very gud for health .even many medicians are prepared by Neem.

Eating Neem leaves would not take you any where. Parts of Neem Tree have a number of uses in the Ayurveda, the traditional treatment system of India. If you want to use it to have some relief from diabetic problems, then please don't use it on your own. Consult a a doctor practicing Ayurveda.
The side effects of eating Neem leaves regularly are many. Impotency is one of the side effects.
Excess Neem intake can cause damage to the useful bacteria also in our stomach and intestine.
One leaf (with 7 or 9 petals) taken regularly in empty stomach in the morning for 3 months will give you immunity against snake bite.
That is the maximum period of intake of Neem leaves/oil. Beyond that it will cause damage to your body tissues.
Neem can only be used regularly for external application.

yes and it is very healthy

d kundu
Neem is bactericidal and pesticide so used as a biological preservative of pulses and cereals without ant harm, Neem is bitter so taking it just before principal meal will increase appetite and help digestion by increasing stomach digestive juices. Methi and fruit Black berry (kala jam) bark is said to be anti diabetic; but wt. reduction diet restriction of sweets reduction of cereals exercise, avoidance of smoking and alcohol and institution of drugs if required by the guidance of diabetologist remains the proper treatment.

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