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i had blood tested about an hour after lunch i do have a few symptoms which can be related like serious tiredness and constantly at the loo any advice would be great
Additional Details

Drop in blood sugar level?
I have a pc. of jam toast + coffee around 8 a.m. Have lunch at 11.45a.m. After that, around noon I start trembling, n start munching on something else. Like magic, the trembling stops about half hour after it starts. sometimes this happens after dinner too. This doesn't happen daily, only mayb twice a year. Am not on diet, not over nor underweight. I'm NOT diabetic ..... what could b cause/remedy?

I would say it's definately low blood sugar.

You could be slightly hypoglycemic. Try adding some protein to each meal (like peanut-butter on your toast for breakfast) and that might keep your blood sugar stable longer.

curious cook
You have described your food consumption. But you have not said about activities that cause a drop in blood sugar. Are you involved in exercise or strenuous physical activity? That can be a cause.

You should have a glucose tolerance test as it happens after lunch- presumably your biggest ,meal of the day.

It sounds like you have hypoglycemia and that you need to add some protein to the toast, like maybe milk instead of coffee. The protein will cause your blood sugar to stay stable longer.

Many people, especially thin people experience hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar. their are many types of diabetes, I suffer from Insipidious diabetes, which is caused from a pituitary defect;injury. My sugar gets very low, and I have been hospitalized for it. I eat close to six thousand calories a day, and am a size 5. It stinks, if I eat too little, I pass out, and never anywhere convenient. Girls hate me and many a friend I have lost who tried to keep up with my munching, and failed. Keep good snacks with you, crackers, or dry healthy cereal are great in a pinch. Try not to eat real sugary food, or you will get a sugar rush, and crash harder. Your pancreas probably hiccups out too much insulin at a time, and this is simple to treat, without meds. Just eat right, and exercise more.

everyone at some point may experience low blood sugar. It may be due to not eatting, doing anything to speed the metabolism, dehydration, etc. When it is an occurrence that happens often it could be hypoglycemia. In that case you just eat something to bring the blood sugar up and you'll be fine but sometimes hypo can lead to hyper (diabetes). Take note of each time you have a funny feeling like that and if it's just every once and a while i wouldn't worry too much about it but if it becomes more often then get it checked out by your Dr.

Hyperglycemia. I had it for years. It is what happens when your
blood glucose(sugar) drops. Your blood sugar should measure
from 70 to 105. After you eat a meal it raises. You can check it
about 2 hours after you have eaten. I am now diabetic. They told me years ago when I was diagnosed hyperglycemic that I would more than likely have diabetes as I grew older, and I do. I am
borderline so I can try to exercise & eat right and maybe keep it at bay. You need to see a physician & have your blood checked.

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