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 Can You Get Diabetes...?
...even if it doesn't run in your family?

And what are the signs of it?

And what causes you to get it?
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 Do I have diabetes?
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 Diabetic question!!?
I know this is bad and I know I shouldnt of have but is it bad to skip one dose of insulution.I just hate shots and my side starts hurting real bad.
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Thank you to the ...

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Does anyone know if this is something we should be very worried about? She is going to see her Dr on Wednesday but I wonder if she should go sooner than that. She has had diabetes for a couple of ...

 How can you get diabetes?
I know they're still researching diabetes, but three of my friends have it and I want to know more. How can do you get diabetes? Can you give it to yourself or is it most likely genetic?

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 Is there any sugar in beer?
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 I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 4 1/2 years ago. Last December my doctor put me on insulin,?
2 injections a day. Since then I have gain over 50 pounds. I take this disease very serious, watch what and how much I eat. I keep my sugar well under control. I also have problems with my feet which ...

 What should I do during a low blood sugar crash?
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 What is the average blood sugar count in an average haman?
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 I'm diabetic and only like sweet coffee and apple juice. Any ideas for beverages?
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 Are diabetic people have mood swings? no offense if your diabetic?

 DOCTORS and/or SMART PEOPLE ---> I have some questions about high-blood pressure and diabetes?
-Do you HAVE to have high blood pressure to be a diabetic? (Can you be a diabetic if your blood-pressure isn't high?)

-If you go to a doctor, and they take a urine sample to check ...

Brenda S
Does fasting mean no water, or is water ok?
My doctor told me to fast and then come in and have my blood drawn. Does fasting mean no water? It is for somekind of sugar test.

i am myself a muslim amd fasting in the real sense maens 2 go without food and water. so if u fast u cant eat and drink 4 a day and break it only after sunset. it will earn u blessings and will help u with diabetes. the rest u can consult with ur doctor.

Drink water, not to do so will mean your blood will thicken up and you will get false results

no water

Teresa t
Water is absolutely fine.

water is only ok if he said so...usually for the sugar test i was not allowed to eat or drink after midnight the previous day

water is ok

You can drink water, but just what you need to not be thirsty. Don't drink a ton to keep away the hunger cause that can dilute the sample.

water is good

You definitely need water................:)

I have one of these tests every two weeks. Water is ok. But don't over do it on the water.

Old School
Water is ok.

Lisa B
Water is ok, but limit it. Typically, you want to have no food or liquids (other than water) for 8-12 hours so that you get accurrate results. If you eat or drink anything too close to having the labs done, it can effect the test.

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