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Does diabetes go away if you loose weight?
and does the life span of a human get shorter if he or she has diabetes,

Well my Grandpa Has type 2 Diabetes and well he works out a lot but steal has it. My Grandpa his 65 going on 66. An there's a laid at my work. She 72 and they just told her she has diabetes and she a tooth pick. So I don't know if it well go away and I think you can live for a good long time.

No, it doesn't go away, but it may be controlled by eating right. And generally a diabetes life , with an uncontrolled disease is shorter.

I wouldn't say it goes away but it could cut out your medications. And if the sugar isn't controlled you could have lots of complications that could lead to a shorter life span.

Weight reduction and control is essential for diabetics. Reduced weight may be very beneficial for diabetics, however, it may not go away completely. But it may be much easier controllable with certain medication and sometimes herbal remedies. If you control your carbohydrate intake and, therefore, control your glucose levels, your life span should not be very much different from the one of a non-diabetic.

No and yes. Weight loss and diet does help you live longer, though.

I am a diabetic. I was very overweight. I have lost over 125 pounds now and have totally come off of insulin. My glucose readings came way, way down with the weight loss. Even though I am almost at goal weight, I still have diabetes. I still have to take Glucotrol twice a day, but look to come down to only one pill a day with even more weight loss. Then no pills, hopefully...but I will always be a diabetic.

As far as life expectancy...if your diabetes is not well-controlled, it will shorten your life span. I was recently told by my doctor that I now have an expected normal life span, since I caught my diabetes early and was treated early. I luckily have suffered no damage from the disease.

Hope this helps....

with type 1 no but with type 2 if enough weight is lost then you may no longer require medicine. as long as you control your sugar your life span shouldn't be shortened

No diabetes won't go away with weight lose
but with weight lose you are healthier so your body uses the sugars properly so you have a lower risk of nerve damage or eye problems etc
If you don`t manage your blood sugars then yes you will shorten your life span as it can cause organ damage mainly kidneys, liver but if you try and keep your blood sugars low then you should lead a normal healthy life span

diabetes will not typically go away if u lose weight- it is the body's inability to process sugar correctly
the life span can be decreased- it depends on how well a person takes care of themselves post diagnosis-
people with diabetes are more prone to heart problems, liver probs, and peripheral vasculature probs....

Jovi Freak
If only lol. No the life span doesn't get shorter as long as you look after yourself.

It all depends on what type of diabetes you have. If you have type II diabetes it is possible to reverse the situation by eating healthily and taking daily exercises like swimming, walking, cycling etc. Also watch your fat intake because if you have high cholesterol it could also be a sign that you may also be diabetic. If you look after yourself you should live a long and happy life. Good luck.

M. Rod
If you have Type 2 Diabetes, it can lower blood glucose levels and decrease need for medications. It does NOT cure the diabetes. Having diabetes can greatly increase your risk of having life-threatening complications: Heart disease, Kidney failure, blindness, and neuropathy, it also increases your risk of infections (and subsequently, amputations). Control those sugar levels At all cost through diet, excercise, and medications (if needed).! Good Luck!!

John G
Diabetes NEVER goes away. However, diet may be used to control it so you don't need to take insulin, and if the weight loss comes because of the right kind of diet, it will help. That said, if you lose weight by drinking vodka and eating whipped cream all day, your diabetes will get WORSE. The diet must below in carbohydrates and sweets. Consult your doctor.

Given advances in medical science, diabetes in unlikely to shorten the life span of the average person PROVIDED that it is diagnosed and controlled EARLY. Something else will probably kill you first.

I hope this helps.

Diabetes never goes away, however losing weight could get you off medication and give you better control over the disease. Diabetes does indeed shorten the life span, complications associated with the disease, like heart disease and kidney failure are common causes of death in those who do not control their disease.

Diabetes and weight are not necessarily related. Many, if not most, over weight people do not have diabetes. There is also a high percentage of diabetics who are not overweight. There is a gene that increases the likelihood that a person will contract diabetes. Certainly, regardless of weight, eating right and getting regular exercise can do a lot to avoid or control diabetes.

Beach Bum
Yes they can or they can go to a not so serious stage

It doesn't technically go away but with diet and exercise you could get to a point where you can control your diabetes without medications. I don't know that diabetes itself shortens the life span but it puts you at increased risks for things such as heart disease that can shorten your life span.

Yes and yes.

Diabetes is sometimes a result of improper diet, more specifically obesity.

There are two types of diabetes, Type I and Type 2.


Type 1 completely unable to produce insulin

Type 2 can produce insulin, but their cells don't respond to it

Type I people usually develop the disease at young ages so they are burdened with insulin shots, and sometime pills or other treatments.

Type II usually is a result of age, and also diet and obesity. Your body still produces insulin, unlike Type I, it just does not use it like it should. In some case, when a person is/has been obese for an extended period of their lives, they evetually find that they are diabetic. In some cases, with medication, proper diet and weight loss, and determination, a person may get things back in order enough to not require the medications anymore.

Unfortunately this is not the case for every Type II diabetic out there.

In essence, most of us set ourselves up for Type II while we are young and stupid. We just enjoy life, disregarding what we may be doing in the long term. Alcohol, over eating, not exercising, drugs, inacitivty, etc...

When we get old it catches up to us, and we end up paying the price. I am a few years shy of 40, and now I am starting to pay attention to these things....I hope I am not too late!

Lindsey S
Yes, it automatically increases your chance of heart disease, stroke, blindness, and high cholesterol. I dont think it "goes away" but its completely controllable if you catch it early, lose weight and change your lifestyle. Diet and exercise are essential. I think that even a 10% weight loss can make a huge difference in your blood sugars and cholesterol levels. Good luck....

diabetes does not go away no matter how you treat it. If your blood pressure is really bad then you know you have to take more care of it and stop eating sugar and salt. If your blood pressure is not that bad and you are taking good care of it, then its okay to have a moderate amount of sugar and salt but not too much. Diabetes is a life long disease that cannot be curedd. If you are diabetic and you are loosing weight its not good unles you are eating goood and excersing. But if you are not eating right and you are excersing I would suggest you go see a doctor. To answer your second question a persons life span does not get shorter if they take good care of their health but if they dont take good care of their health and eat whatever they want then they are not in good health and they are gonna end up in hospital beds for the rest of their lifes and eventually die if the treatment doesent work.

hope it helpss!

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