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Does cinnamon 'really'? lower blood sugar?
I read that taking 1/2 teaspoon a day of cinnamon will lower one's blood sugar. I told my husband to do this..and lo and behold..within one week..it went down from 140 to 107. Yes, he does exercise and he is watching his food intake..but he did this before the cinnamon.

My question is: I once was told to take deep breaths before a blood pressure reading so my reading would go lower ..which it did of course..but someone else said..don't do that..you are getting a false reading. ..

so my question here is 'taking the 1/2 tsp cinnamon' seems to have lowered his blood sugar readings..is this giving a false reading???or is anything good to do...if the reading is lower/in normal range??

SusanS, Incognito
I know another diabetic that does this. I say, if it works, do it! As far as the blood pressure thing. It is best to just sit quietly and breathe naturally when the reading is being taken.

Louise Smith
Yes! Cinnamon really does lower a person's blood sugar. I think it can also lower a person's cholesterol as well.

Yes, Cinnamon does 'really' lower glucose. My wife has been taking Cinnamon supplements and her glucose is normal. She also exercises and watches her diet.

Tyrone S.
I heard that also, but I don't know if it's true.

Yes Cinnamon lowers blood sugar, as you've seen yourself. No it's not a false reading, since your blood glucose monitor only reads your husbands blood.
It terms of blood pressure, deep breathing before a reading is great too. It is an accurate reading, again it's measuring your blood flow.
A lot of times, the CNA measures your blood the minute you have raced into the office. So, I would say that isn't a reading you would get @ rest.

diabetes runs in my family and ALOT of people i work with have it....i am borderline and they ALL told me to do the same thing with Cinnamon...they also told me that peanut butter helps....mine gets too low...and so i grab some peanut butter and i feel much better....

longview cycle lady
If it works for some, it will still probably not work for all.

But here is something just as interesting, the story of Sergei Boutenko:

Good luck to you.

It depends which part of the Cinnamon you are using. Cinnamon Bark will not work. Dixinol is a much better product. ALA time Release will take away all your sugar cravings.

Laura H
Normal blood sugar ranges are 90-131 mg/dl fasting and anything lower than 180 2 hours after meals.

Cinnamon does lower blood sugar and you should still take what medications that your doctor has prescribed for you.

***Make sure that the blood sugar level does not dip under 70. If the bs level drops below 70, you should try and get some type of sugar into the system so that the sugar level will go back up/

Visit the American Diabetes Association Website so that you can get more informative information regarding this.

***Take the advice of your physician.****

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