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day sugar = 70 to 100
night sugar = 130 to 140
Additional Details
1st result

92 day
137 night

2nd result

72 day
135 night


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nature boy
Does a child always have the same blood type as his mother?
I only ask as my dad had a rare blood type and I wondered if I would inherit it or does the mothers, through sharing in the womb take, precedence

no a child should have the same blood type as their father...


No, I don't I have a combination of the two AB.

no, it depends on both parents, if u know what a punnet square is and how to use one, u can see what type u might have and probabilities

I have the same group as my father O
My mum was A

Your blood type may be neither the same as your mothers nor the same as your fathers. Bloods is either A, B, AB or O. And A and B are dominant, so if for example your parents were AO (blood group A) and BO (blood group B) you could be any of the four combinations, as you will inherit one of your mother's genes for blood group and one of your fathers.
So if I've completely confused you-I'm not great at exaplining things.

julie d
not always

no, me and my brother and sister have the same type as our dad.


No because they obtain their genes from both their parents.

Since there are 4 different maternal blood types and 4 different paternal blood types possible, there are 16 different combinations to consider when predicting the blood type of children.

Check out the link below for a blood type calculator.

No, I have 4 children. The first 2 had my blood type. The last 2 children have their father's blood type.

I have my Dad's type, so it just depends.

little miss
no, not always genes are a funny thing man

huny buny
i don't think so. i believe that blood type of a child is a combination of the dad's blood and mom's blood type.

No, the child has a blood type that is a 'mixture' of the parents. I am A+. My husband is O-. Our son is A-.

No. It depends on both the parents. Why not just have your blood tested?

It's nothing to do with sharing in the womb at all. In fact blood is not shared in the womb. Substances diffuse across the placenta (including antibodies) where the blood capillaries are close to each other.

In terms of ABO classification A and B are dominant alleles and O is recessive. So if your father was of group AB, the rarest group in this classification, you would either inherit A or B from him but not both. You could be AB if you inherited one dominant allele from your father and the other from your mother. It's not possible for you to be AB if your father is AB and your mother O.

There are other factors, such as rhesus, that determine a person's blood group.

no always my son dosent sometimes they take there blood group from there father or any other relations

My wife is O-, and I'm O +.

We have 3 daughters: 2 are O+, and 1 is O-.

Punnet square is good advice as to the possibilities look in a Biology 101 text

no it can have mothers, fathers or a combination of both! if it was that simple it would not be so hard to find a blood donors for some people, genetics can be complicated at times! you can ask your doctor what your blood group is if your concerned! good luck


Manda xxxx
you could have inherited either type. just to let you know, when a mother is pregnant her blood doesn't mix with the babys blood. if you want to find out what blood type you have, you'd have to get blood tests done. good luck! x

no, I have my fathers blood type, although my son has mine. It's all in the genes.

A child can either have his mothers or fathers blood type and somes that same child can have a rare factor to that blood type. Thats one reason why paternity cannot be establish by blood test alone ....

actually it depends who ever is dominant in the genes.

It is possible to have your father's blood type, your mother's blood type, or a completely different blood type depending on what they are. (You need to tell us so that somebody can access the chart and let you know.)

Your blood type will be determined by both your mother and your father. Depending on predominant and recessive genes. The only way to find out your own blood type is to have it tested.

not nessarily it depends on mom and dad's type what u get could ahve either or.

Blood type is determined by your genetic makeup. That comes from your mother and father. Being in your mothers womb has nothing to do with what type you are. You could have the same as one of your parents, or different from both.

The blood "types" are actually different molecules that get put on your particular red cells. There are A and B. You can have just A, just B, both A and B, or none of the molecules.

The different blood types then are:
A, B, AB, O.
Then you can be Rh pos. or Rh neg. for any of those 4. (Rh being another molecule)

These make up the usual information that people hear about when they get their blood type. There are actually tons more different molecules on your blood cells that are tested for when getting a blood transfusion. But generally they are not discussed with patients because they are more esoteric items.

If you know what your father and mother are, you could figure out the possible types you can be. But without the information, I can't be more specific.

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