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Do you pee a lot if your blood sugar is low or your blood pressure is low?
at times when i feel really lethargic and sleepy and even naucious, i tend to pee a lot even though iv not drank so much water, does that mean that the blood sugar in your body is low or your blood pressure? (i'm not diabetic)
it usually happens if iv not ate much in a couple of days since iv been working alot.

i hope these are not sighns of diabetes and can some one tell me how i can stop it e.g what food is better

they could be considered as syptoms of diabetes, but you would also be drinking alot, your breath might start smelling raither sweet aswell, a bit like pear drops. Id get a blood test because this could also be blood pressure or maybe a Thyroid problem.

I think it's when your blood pressure is low, but you might want to double check that...

Get checked for diabetes. May you are pre-diabetic, so with lifestyle modifications can be enough to get back on track. People with diabetes urinate a lot, feel thirsty and hungry all the time.
Getting checked it's easy. Some lab tests and that's it. Get checked for urinary infections just in case.
And my sincere advice: eat. If you skip meals too much, you may end at the opposite end, having hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Not nice. You'll have to be on a diet and keep and eye on the amount of exercise and stress during the day. You'll also feel tired all the time without proper diet. Get check!

You should NEVER pee blood. It's a sign of a UTI or kidney problems.

See a doctor ASAP!

Richard H
Blood SUGAR!! but i thought it was when it was high?

There is a very simple way to see if you have any of the above and that is to go and see your GP who will be able to do blood test and check your blood pressure.

generally if sugar is high you will pee alot. if you feel very tired and you know you are getting alot of sleep. ther eis generally problem. it can be sign of it. you can go on diet and it willhelp for awhile maybe long while. or maybe never comeon if you are careful. eat no fried fooods, no pop, eat veggies and fruit no juice. no startch foods.

big al
Very high blood glucose levels make you urinate more. You are probably topping yourself up with fluid as a substitute for food & getting low sugar due to sudden change in diet. If not hungry try drinking a bottle of lucozade insted of water, this will give your body a sugar boost . Still need to get checked out though.

Chrissy (The Pic Is My Bro )
I only pee alot when I'm high. You shouldn't starve youself. All the stuff happening is probley because of you not eating. You really need to eat.

If you're not sweating, then you might pee more. But still, don't say you don't have a problem. Look it up with a good doctor b4 its too late!

You do not pee a lot if your blood sugar is low. You do if it is HIGH though, your body is attempting to rid itself of excess sugar because the body can not metabolize it without insulin (which for non-diabetics is naturally produced by the pancreas - and is a hormone, by the way). It is the most common symptom of Diabetes. Have you been checked? If not I highly recommend it.

No you do not urinate more due to low blood pressure/blood sugar, it's more likely to be due to either a urine infection or due to the fact you aren't eating properly. Fluids go through you a lot quicker if you are consuming more fluid than solid food. You need to be looking at your diet and making sure you eat regularly.

Low blood sugar and low blood pressure both cause decreased urine output.
Start drinking more, you may have an infection. This is not a sign of diabetes.

Dr Frank
Neither low blood sugar or low blood pressure increase urine output. Raised blood sugar certainly can. No diagnosis is really possible from your rather vague symptoms, so best advice if you continue to feel unwell, is visit your GP.

loopy loo
no, you pee more if your blood sugars are high not low, and you also pee more if you are losing weight, so as you say it happens when you are not eating alot, i would say this is the most likely cause

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