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Miss Beotch
Diabetics with tattoos?
I just got a tattoo on sunday the day i turned 18 and one of my friends has been arguing with me over this...He thinks diabetics can't get tattoos.I laughed when he said it because I have asked my doctor and the tattoo artists and they said it is ok to get one. I got mine a few days ago and my blood sugar has been no higher than 150 which is awesome because the doctors want me between 80 and 160. Are there any diabetics with tattoos on here?I would like to know how recently you got yours and how big and where you have it placed on you. I am not worried about mine at all i just want to know if any of you have them too so i can prove to my friend that we can get them too.thank you so much in advance!!
Additional Details
thank you logansmom for the birthday wish!!

*♥* ♥* FaeGoddess*♥*♥*
Well Im a type 1 diabetic of 20 years & I have 2 tattoos at this time & plan to get a couple more.....I have a small one on the right side of my neck & one about the size of a grapefruit on my left shoulder......neither on eled to any complications or bad sugar readings. They only worry about diabetics getting tatted because of risk of infection.....if your tat artist used clean new needles & you keep your tatt clean & use an snitbiotic on it till it heals there should be NOTHIGN to worry about....best of luck & you can tell your friend NA NA NA NA BOO BOO!!!! =P lol

I am not diabetic and don't have a tattoo but yes anyone can get a tattoo. Ask you friend where he got his information from that diabetics can't get tattoo's. He most likely won't be able to give you a decent answer.

i have two!
The first one i got 3 years ago in the small of my back and it is a butterfly the size of a dollar bill.
The other one is a frog on my ankle i got 6 mos after that.
The reason why your friend might be concerned is because sometimes when you have diabetes you are more prone to infection. In some cases you might have nerve damage that would cause you not to feel if your tattoo is getting infected and can lead to further problems.
Other than that...tattoo away. And tell your friend... "duh" j/k. happy late birthday

I have had friends when I was a teen that had heart defects and their doctors told them no tattoos due to bloob posion, so maybe thats what someone was thinking.

Happy Birthday!... I am 28, type 1, insulin-pump. Got my first tattoo on back (size of a 50 cent piece) about 9 years ago (no problem), and 1 year ago just got my second tattoo on lower back probably about 8 inches across...no problems.. healed nice! My Dr. just shook his head like any parent would do :)

terrie h
I have diabetes, have 7 tats. some small as a quarter the largest is the size of my calf-a dragon- no problem! My husband has approx 35 all over his body and no effect so tattoo away-just keep area clean,make sure tattoo artist uses clean sterile needles and equipment, watch for infection, and keep your sugar down!!! Good luck and happy birthday (late) P.S I got my first tat at 50 years old!

George D
Tattoos won't effect or harm Diabetics unless installed on the lower extremity's. Anything below the knee and problems may occur. If deciding to get a tattoo ask your Doctor or Caregiver and see if it will fit in your Diabetic Regiment or Procedure.
Good Luck&Good Health

Some doctors do advise against getting tattoos if you are diabetic if you do not have tight control. There are a lot of things that diabetics can do but are supposed to get their doctor's permission first ie. tattoos, laser hair removal etc. The reason being diabetics do not heal the same as non diabetics. As long as you are in good control there really wouldn't be a reason for a diabetic not be able to get a tattoo. The tighter the blood glucose control the less time it takes your body to heal.

The tattoo itself would do nothing to cause glucose levels to go up and down - healing time would be the only concern.

Obviously you should watch the tattoo sight and make sure that it is healing in a timely manner but other than that there really shouldn't be any cause for concern.

Julie R
I am a T2 diabetic - diagnosed 4 years ago. I got a new tattoo between my shoulder blades 2 years ago and had no problems with it.
I think the main concern is that you have to be a bit more cautious as far as hygiene goes as you are more susceptible to infection than others. If you have got good control of your BSL then there is no reason not to go for it.

I have two tattoos and have had Type 1 diabetes for 39 years. My first one (at age 41) is very small and on my upper arm. The other (a year later, my LAST) is a bit bigger and on my upper shoulder blade. The tattoo artist recommended those for the least pain, and I wanted them for myself not to show off. Just make sure you keep the site very clean and out of the sun and follow the instructions you got for after-care. Unless you get an infection, it shouldn't affect your blood sugars at all.

Happy Birthday, by the way ...

Karen M
I am Type 1 and I have 2 tattoos. The first one I got before I was diabetic and the second one after. I have one on each hip and there was no differences in the healing time.

I am diabetic and have two tattoos. Although I regret getting them now at this time in my life and plan to them removed someday when I have the cash flow for it the point is: YES diabetics can do pretty much anything anyone else can do and that includes piercings. I think the problem with your friend, as with most non-diabetics, is that their heads are filled with a lot of stereotypes and myths, or at least misconceptions about diabetes induced by the media and such. I have herd even more outlandish things than that and from my own family that should have educated and informed themselves on the disease by now but stubbornly will not, YET think they know more than myself about it. You will deal with that your whole life friend and you have to let it pass you by. You try to educate the ignorant but if out of their own ego and thick handedness will not listen you are better off just blowing them off and not getting stressed over it. Most people, it seems, still thinks diabetes is caused from eating too much sugar as a kid and that we are all destined to lose our eyesight and limbs one of these looming days. I am sure if you tried to have a serious discussion about diabetes with your friend he wouldn't listen anyway...I know the feeling. So whatever, just enjoy your new tattoos and show them off!

Your friend is confusing diabetes (a blood sugar disease) with hemophilia (a blood clotting disease).

A hemophiliac's blood does not clot properly and since getting a tattoo involves hundreds of thousands of consecutive, rapid-fire needle sticks, it presents a potential risk to their health.

Other than the initial adrenaline surge that occurs when you get a tattoo, it shouldn't have any effect on the overall health of a diabetic.

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