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 Does artificial sweetner affect diabetics blood readings(can it make it a high reading)?

 Can a type 1 diabetic survive alone being a vegetarien alone without medication?

 Can you tell me how common or practical it is to die from a diabetic seizure?
...and different stages of one....

 Can I Get Rid Of My Type 2?
In early january I went for my physical and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetis. I was the youngest patient that my doctor ever had to diagnose this condition. I weight in at 400 and my blood sugar ...

 What is a blader infection?

 A medicine that makes you sick if you drink alcohol?
I am a person who thinks he is a borderline alcoholic and have learned of a product that I can take to make an abuser feel very ill if alcohol is introduced into the system. Does anyone know the ...

 Vitamin e tablets?

 I have been diagnosed as pre-diabetic can anyone give me suggestions that are not torture?
I know I need to change my diet and exercise, are there realistic suggestions for someone who works two jobs, so I don't have time to make it to the gym, and for someone who loves flavor (salt, ...

 After drinking 10 oz. of juice and eating 7 pieces of bacon, I tested my Blood sugar 30 min. later, it was 92.
Is this normal? Dr.'s have suspected this is the reason I am randomly passing out, and getting shaky, and weak. Though after receiving fluids through an IV, taking 12 vials of blood for testing, ...

 Does anybody know of any alternative remedies for diabetes besides medications?

 How to reduce the tingling in feet and hands after eating a little too much sugar ?
Does anyone know how to counteract the affect of having too much sugar ?what causes the tingling ?
Additional Details
I do have D...

Ok I dont know for sure and when I get my sugar levels tested theya re always OK.. I have all the high risk factors Native.. over weight ..mom had diabetes...... so anyway my question is .. sometimes ...

 Diabetic. The recommendation is 60 carbs daily.?
Can I use this 60 carbs in candy if i want for type 2 diabetes. I eat salad with no carbs all day which makes me feel great,,,energetic, but at the end of the day I have my favorite 2 chochlate bars ...

 Does anyone feel so sick with Metformin?
I take 500mg Metformin twice daily for diabetes type 2. I hate those pills. Im sick and weak everyday for 2 weeks now. I made an appointment for next week Im gonna complain to my doctor I just ...

 I have Crohn's Disease, high BP, Diabetes 2. Can anyone suggest a good diet? Can't eat salad and fruits.
Due to Chrohn's the fiber in foods creates havoc along with the salads and veggies. The fruits create higher amounts of glucose in my blood causing issues for the diabetes. I need to find a ...

a friend of mine as diebetes, not sure which type, but he doesnt need injections, just tablets, if blood sugar is high how do you bring it down? thanks.
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 How dangerous is a 300 plus sugar count for a type 2 diabetic?
Can long term high sugar counts cause major health problems? Is there a quick way to get your sugar count down through diet?...

 What is the best meter to use for testing blood sugar for diabetes?

 What is diabetes classified as?
Is it classified as a disease or something else.
I'm doing a speech on it and really need the answer.
thx a ...

 How menny toes do i have?

The One And Only
Diabetic and belly piercing question.?
I am diabetic and i was wondering if i it was ok for me to get my belly button pierced? Can someone please help me with this. I dont have medical insurance. So i cant go ask a doctor.

You should not do this as your diabetic condition makes you more open to infections and it is harder to heal up. Please do not do this. You look pretty and do not need a ring in your belly!

Yes you just have to be careful of infection because diabetes makes you more prone to it. Make sure that it is professionally done.

Roughneck Wife
My aunt is a diabetes, and she has more piercings than anyone I know. She has never had a problem....do some research. This website should help you!


You can get a piercing. Just be sure it is a very reputable place that you are having it done at. Hepatitis,HIV and other diseases can be transmitted in these places.

little squee
your just going to ask a doctor, i dont think you even have to pay.

there is no reason why a diabetic cant have their belly button pierced. my friend does and shes been diabetic since the age of 6 :)
no medical link at all :D

that's like asking "if a mouse eats cheese can i blow my nose." yes u can pierce urself & being diabetic has nothing to do with belly piercing.

Yes, it is fine to get your belly button pierced if you are diabetic. Just don't try to get your toes pierced.

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