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 Endocrinologist or stay with my physician.?
Let me just say I’m a newly Diagnosed Diabetic “Hyperglycemic” Its been a real pain getting info with this but now I have meetings set up with Diabetes specialists, and nutritionists. It was ...

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For the past month my 55 year old mother has gone #2 in her pants 3 times on accidents. All three times supposedly without warning except one quick cramp of the stomach. She is a type 1 diabetic and ...

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What are your recent HBA1C numbers? Mine are like 8.3 which is kinda high. thanks so much!!...

 For diabetics...which is more effective...medicine or insulin...how n why..?

 Diabetes? Please help.?
i might have diabetes, im really scared.
i dont know what type.
but if anyone has information on it can you please tell me.. websites would we useful to !
and is it true if you dont ...

 What are the signs or symptoms for Diabetes?

 Type 1 diabetes question?
Why can you lose a lot of weight before you are diagnosed? Is it because you have no appetite and don't eat, or because your body burns everything?
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I heard one of ...

 How to lose weight with Type 1 diabetes?
I have had Type 1 diabetes since April, and, prior to my diagnosis, I weight 10st. Now I weight 10st 10lbs, and I would really like to lose some weight. I already go to the gym and exercise, but I...

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Since insulin is made using a pig's pancreas can Muslims use it?...

 Is it true that people have found the cure to diabetes? But dont want to show?
ive heard that people have found the cure to diabetes but since so many people have diabetes they dont want to give the cure away because people with diabetes spend sooo much money on medicine for ...

Please help me . My mom got diabetes mellitus and I don't want her to have medicine . 'cuz it will be bad 4 her health.
Thanks a lot ....

 Do i have diabetes?
i think i might have diabetes. i have lost weight a larger appetite and go to the bathroom once almost every hour. i drink a lot more water than i use to. but i asked my mom and she said that no in ...

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 Question about Diabetes?
I'm a 17 year old high school student, and I've been doing a little reading about diabetes lately. My father (age 50) was just diagnosed with type II, my maternal grandfather has had type II...

 Might be a silly question, can a woman have a child if she has diabetes?
and what are the risks?
Additional Details
you all have such wonderful aswers, thank you so much. the information you gave is very ...

 Has anyone had sugar spill into their urine?
Doc told me this morning that I had sugar spill into my urine and is sending me for tests. Has anyone else experinced this? What was the outcome?
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Yes - I know about D...

 What is first sign of diabetes & is it true "Drinking Cold water increases blood pressue" my homeopath doc say

 Can i get an infection by......?
can i get an infection by using the same needle more than 4 weeks on my fingertip? this was like about 1 month ago and nothing seems to go wrong and i'm not in pain or anythig so i was wondering ...

 Diabetic, low blood pressure, anemic, what is it?
This morning around 8:30 I ate sugar free jello, with peaches and fat free cottage cheese in it. I went shopping, felt good, till around 2:00. I became so weak, and tired and sleepy, that I had to ...

 Is a person with type I diabetes, heart disease and bipolar II disable?

Can you live with a kidney function at 10 percent?
How long do you have?
Will you go at any time?
Please help
Additional Details
With no dialysis..
How long do you have

You can live for quite a while with zero kidney function. It's called dialysis.

I dont think so. You would die of bodily poisons in about 4 weeks i would think.

Hope i can helped

not very long....you'll need dialysis sooner or later...and then a transplant.


I'm not sure what percentage of kidney usage is lethal, but I do know about kidney failure. Basically if someone has renal disease, it means their kidneys aren't filtering your blood to produce urine and cleanse the body; when the body isn't cleansed from the toxins, you become sick and need dialysis.

The legnth of time the person has to live would be determined by their age, how long they've had renal failure, if they are receiving dialysis and if they are taking their medications accurately.

Hope it helped!

I am kidney patient and my kidney function is 30% gone and I am doing fine. you have to go to the doctor regularly and be checked and take your medication every day and you will not have to go on dialysis or a kidney. you can live with one kidney. but if both of them go out then you are in trouble. keep the faith in GOD and keep praying. and have faith that everything will be alright. I don't let it worry me at all. because i know that GOD is my pilot and he did not bring me this far to leave me. every time I go to the doctor my Creatine level goes down. so just remeber that GOD is a healer. when the doctor say no GOD will say YES. hey pray and ask GOD to heal you. stay up.

My father's kidneys were functioning at only 15%, and had to be put on dialysis or else he would have died from all the toxins in his body. Unfortunately, he lived only 3 months going to dialysis 3x per week. No one that I've know has lived with only 10% function, I don't think it's possible.

Baby Gyrl
i think so....but you' need major meds and dialysis

Carol M
Dialysis is usually needed when kidney function falls to 15%.

not long, i give you one of mine if it would help >?<

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