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 My bloosd sugar reading is 500. what will happen?

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 Son's glucose is 290, do I keep him home w/t fluids?
Or, should he go to ER, seems ok, eating, just kinda' tired, better than yesterday.
He ate some soup and jello about 1/2 before the reading.
Additional Details
we just found ...

 How fair is this?
Cardiff University in Wales, UK has developed an new diabetes pill so insulin dependant diabetics no longer need to inject themselves (up to 4 times daily)
The pill is being tested on diabetics ...

 I'm diabetic.for past few weeks my sugars been going out of control.they were in control at first.help!!!?

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 My sugar blood already over 400. What should I do?
I'm 58 years old and I have diabetes. I am already addicted to smoking. Now I'm getting skinner. Only for 2 weeks I already lost 6 kg. It's hard for me to stop eating fish and meat. I ...

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 If you have diabetes, how old were you when you found out?

 Doctor diagnosed that i hav Diabetes type1he suggested me insulin.is this tretment is right?

Additional Details
my age is 20 years.i feel much thurst and urinate frequently.when i started to insluin this thing decrease.shall i stop to inject insulin.in the start ihave 490mg/dl ...

Can you eat ice cream if you have diabetes?
Someone i know was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes..
She's very confused as to what she can and can't eat..

Is ice cream out of the question.. or is there a certain kind that would be safe or does it matter?

Additional Details
Also.. are all carbs bad for a diabetic..

just really confused on what she can and can't have..

aslam j
please visit this site you can get good answers about ur all questions.Get well soon!!! May God Bless You!!!http://thediabeteszone.com/

Katrina D
since you have diabetes, have you ever tryed mona vie? I've just started taking it and am now a distributer, and I'm so passionate about it I cant stop telling people=)

I have heard alot of people who after a month of using this have been able to go off there med's

It's supposed to help with all sorts of problems from weight to asthma, personally I stopped getting headaches and being dizzy, I was suffering from them for months and the pills the doctor gave me made me sick but now after 3 weeks on mona vie I've been great and no med's
you should do some research=)


If you become a distributer you can drink it basically for free and then make extra cash=)

Just sharing my experience
hope it helps

Diet Guidelines

Consider a root beer ice slushie:
1 cup diet root beer
1/2 cup sugar-free vanilla pudding
8 ice cubes
mix in blender

Senator D*L*P™
well, remember all things in moderation. Sugar Free- Carb Free Ice Cream is really good. I ahve type 1, so I can take insulin when i want to eat something, so it is a little bit different for me.

Emma T
I personally think sugar-free ice cream taste's good so yeah just go to the frozen health section in any store.

Well my mom was just diagnosed with diabetes also.
I'm not sure of what type it was.
but she still eats ice cream.
its just sugar free.
there are many brands out there that are sugar free.
also splenda is a good sugar.substitute.

Just me.......♥
Almost anything you want including Ice Cream can be purchased in a sugar free form. Just look around.

Also you might want to check into talking to a dietitian or a diabetic educator they could help with diet a lot!!!

Sounds like her doctor needs to refer her to a diabetic educator. Basically regular icecream is something she should definately NOT eat because it is full of sugar/ fat which is not good for a type 2 diabetic. You need to stear right away from sugar/ sweets/ biscuits/ fatty food and go for lots of vegies and fresh fruit + regular exercise + lose weight if she's overweight. Also stop smoking and drink less alcohol!

Only her doctor /dietician can safetly answer the question.
However, here are some guidelines.

Sugarless ice cream is safe for diabetics to eat. The problem is, when they remove the sugar, they increase the fat content.

So, Yes or no, depending upon your cholesterol, weight, risk for heart disease (heart disease is the #1 killer of diabetics).

I used to eat sugarless ice cream all the time. Then during a CT scan for the kidney, a piece of my heart got in the CT picture...so the doctor commented on it: heart disease, advanced for age. I was starting to get heart disease (plaque building up on inside of blood vessel walls.with.Calcium deposits on top). Fortunately, I learned this in time to cut out things like sugarless high-fat ice cream (fat meaning cholesterol AND saturated fat listed on the label)

And, as a general rule for carbohydrates, any high-glycemic index foods (white potatoes, rice, white breads,) should not be eaten. High-starch vegetables such as corn, sweet potatoes, peas...should be eaten only in moderation.
Meats do not contain sugar (unless added by manufacturer), they are protein. However, again, you have to watch the fat content of meats. Broiled or Baked Fish or tuna is great protein if you like fish.
Lean chicken (no skin), 93% lean ground beef, other less fatty cuts of beef, pork, turkey, ground turkey,.veal...all are fine. Stay away from lamb, which is very fatty. The usual meat portion for one meal is about the size of a pack of cards.

Eating 5 meals a day (Breakfast, Lunch, snack, dinner, snack) is usually recommended instead of 3 meals.
A "snack" should have no more than 15 grams of carbohydrate.

To get the best care, a dietician can give you a lot more choices. There's a lot of no- or low-sugar treats that are both low in carbs and fat.

I can never remember is type 2 the shot or the pill i take the pill. anyway it all depends on what your average blood sugar runs if it runs high most of the time then its probably not a good idea except on the rare occasion your sugar is very low but if its low most of the time just make sure check it first an of course don't eat to much because most diabetics including me have to carry candy as a precaution of low sugar.

I will answer your question by saying what my deitician told me. A diabetic can eat anything as long as it is in moderation. This person should see a dietician if she is confused. There is no such thing as sugar free ice cream because milk has a certain amount of sugar in it. There is no sugar added ice cream which is better for diabetics. I would also recommend low fat or fat free ice cream.

sugar free ice cream

There is ice cream out there that diabetics can eat: My father found some in a grocery store for my mother, a very nice butter-pecan.

nickkie s
sugar free ice cream,they sell it at wal-mart or anyother grocery store,feel free to e-mail me and i can tell you what would help her.no sugars,read the back of the box it will say 0gms of sugar

You can have anything you want as a diabetic, even sugar products as long as you count the carbs and watch the calories. I don't know why people think you have to cut sugar completely out just because of diabetes. You must be aware of what you eat, in what amount and the carbs contained in the foods you choose.

Radical Raven
Suger free, my diabetic stepdad gets it all the time, and he's still alive and kicking.

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