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Lisa C
Can you drink a diet coke when the doctor has told you to fast before labwork is to be done?
I have to get bloodwork, and was told to fast b4, but drank a diet coke. Will it affect my blood work??

laurel g
It is possible that it could. Be sure to tell the people that you had this to drink.

Summer D
yes it will affect the test....i get blood taken all the time...once to check for diabetes...all i could have was water.....diet coke has sugar in it...just sugar that better for you than the real sugar thas in real coke....it will mess up your test...dont drink it

Tom J
Absolutely. Sorry but to get accurate results you need to be fasting. Hopefully the hematologist asked you before doing the test.

Yes, it probably will. Drinking anything other than water can affect your bloodwork because it brings things into your bloodstream that the doctor doesn't want in there. Soda is probably the worst thing you could've had to drink, since it's all sugar and chemicals. Call your doc, see if he can work with it or if you need to reschedule. Don't just go get the work done, cause you'll waste time and money, and may get faulty results.

It will affect your bloodwork, for best results I would reschedule and only drink water during your fast next time

yes it will. did you tell the nurse that drew the blood?

Barry auh2o
The blood work will be a total waste of time and money.

As an RN and a diabetic, the answer is NO. The only thing allowed is small sips of water and only take routine AM medication after asking physician first. As for diet coke, it may not have alot of calories, but high on sodium, which would affect bloodwork. Hope this helps.


For future reference, when the doctor says to fast you are only allowed to drink water.

♥Shortstuff ♥
Yes, it will.!!!! Listen to what your doctor tells you, as he is telling you this for a reason. Call your doctor & see what he says.

nope. only water and black coffee.

♥ Snooks ♥
Did, You follow these guidelines?

1. Do not eat or drink anything except plain water for 12 hours before having your blood drawn.

2. Avoid smoking, breath mints and gum chewing prior to having your blood drawn.

3. Take any medications ordered by your provider but do not follow any food-related instructions for the medication. Refer to these instructions instead.

4. Bring any written information or laboratory slips the provider gave you .

I don't see ok to drink diet coke anywhere!

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