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Can my wife drink coffee with sugar before her colonoscopy She needs her caffine?

Additional Details
Great answers..i had it done with no prolem ,no coffee,no problem...My wife is getting all stressed out..I am doing the best i can to calm her down Thank you all

That is exactly why I won't haave a colonoscopy done, at all ever!!! I cannot fast while taking insulin and Metformin. I cannot take insulin and Metformin while fasting!!

I cannot exist more than 6 hours without my coffee!!

Never again will I go through the very very high glucose rise, the headache of no coffee, and the stomach pains of starvation!!

I also will never endure another of the Treadmill Stress tests for the same reasons!!!

But you should talk to the doctor doing the tests so that you have a clear picture of what he is asking her to do.

Not the morning of the colonoscopy. You have to have an empty stomach. One of the reasons is that you could end up drowning in your own fluids if there is any kind of problem. Her caffeine will have to wait until after the test is done....

She cannot have anything before this test. Nothing.
The best thing to do would be for her to taper off the caffeine a bit for a few days before the test.
That way her lack of caffeine headache will not be as bad.

Anyone who "NEEDS" their caffeine obviously is addicted to it and should cut down, if she is having bowel problems maybe the caffeine has something to do with it. no she should NOLT have coffee or soda's or any other form of caffeine until she gets the all clear from her doctor.

Heather N
NOOOOOO!!! You are not supposed to have anything the day of. Tell her she will be ok if it is early in the morning she will just be going back to sleep with the medication they are going to give her. So no coffee is necessary!

ABSOLUTELY NOT! she has to have an empty stomach, they will sedate her to do the test, if she has anything in her stomach she will aspirate it(choke) this can cause serious problems. i have seen someone lie that their child did not eat before a test, he aspirated and was brain damaged, sorry to freak you out but you should follow the rules in this case!!!

Only if she wants to endure that damned cleanout again.

Shana B
No, she can't have anything by mouth before her colonoscopy at all.

unfortunately, NO... she has to follow fasting directions exactly as directed. Anything consumed could interfere with the 'flush' that she has to take in the days prior to her procedure.

Also, to have anything in her system while receiving a sedative and narcotic pain relief (intravenously, to keep her relaxed and pain free throughout the procedure) can lead to nausea and vomiting, which isn't something her or her doctor will appreciate during her colonoscopy.

In order to not alter the results of the test and to get the best possible diagnosis, if any, it is important for her to be fasting and complete the flush as instructed to do so.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news... but i's only 2 days without coffee, I'm sure her hunger will distract her from her caffeine withdrawal :)

Also... review the information that you should have been given by the doctor... just to double check that in fact she is limited to clear liquids for 48 hours... your doctor might have different protocols for this procedure.

When in doubt, call the clinic to confirm.

Good luck

Dee S
I feel her pain!! I am a caffeine feind too!
But no - I did before one - and they weren't able to do it. Once they got in there - they had to stop & reschedule :( I thought it would be ok since it was a (clear-ish) liquid. Some Docs may proceed - but mine didn't.
Good luck! And have a large coffee in your hand for her when she wakes up :)

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