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Layla H
Can insulin be used after frozen?
some of the insulin I use was frozen and I would like to know if I can use it after it thaws out

Toronto boy
its ok u use after thaws out

No, don't use it. Freezing kills the usefull cells in the insulin rendering it useless.


Tom T
No, once insulin is frozen it breaks down. Read the packaging with any insulin you get (vial or pen). They all tell you to be very careful to not let your insulin freeze.

What happens to my insulin when it is exposed to temperatures outside the recommended storage conditions?
At higher temperatures, your insulin may not work as well as it should. As the temperature goes up, the trouble gets worse. Temperature can also affect product sterility. Don't use insulins that have changed in appearance after they've been in the heat or have been frozen. Always check how your insulin looks before you use it. If you anything looks unusual or you notice your insulin requirements changing markedly, consult your doctor.

NO NO NO!! It should say right on the package to NEVER freeze insulin.

Doris D
No never use insulin after its been frozen! It is not good at all!

i wouldn't use it i have never frozen my insulin but have been told by many doctors not to freeze it or leave it in direct sunlight.

Do NOT use insulin that has been frozen. Some insulins are made to release slowly, others immediately. Once it's been frozen the structure will have been altered. Fast acting insulin may not work or be unpredictable. Those longer acting insulins might be released more rapidly or not at all. Throw it out and get a new vial.

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