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Can high blood sugar (diabetes) cause headaches?
Been having very terrible headaches lately, especially in my neck. Went to the ER to have it checked, but he said that it's probably due to my constant high blood sugars. Any thoughts?

I don't know, I've never had headaches due to high blood pressure before. I mean it could be possible, I mean with your head feeling light headed and feeling dizzy from not eating the stuff your supposed to. Try talking to your doctor on what you should do to get rid of your headaches.

Tralee A
yup they can be caused by high blood sugar levels. i know i get them when my bsl is high. but also i drink alot.... and go to the loo alot more around that time as well. drink more water coz your brain is saying "oi i'm a lil dry up here" which is why its hurting. drinking alot of water then is your body trying to get rid of the sugar on its own. but to help it check what your bsl is doing and what actions to take
good luck

Agnostic Angel
It doesn't make any sense to me.
There is a doctor who can readjust your spine and that can get rid of headaches, try it!

Did you asked them for any recommendations to alleviate the pain? Besides taking Tylenol? I recommend you take a well manufactured(GMP/USP grade) multivitamins and a lot of proflavanol. I had a friend who had migraine headache for over 30 years and after taking high grade multivitamins and a lot proflavanol, she is now having a peace of mind and no more headache.

Kylie Paige
ABSOLUTELY.....too much sugar, too much caffiene, not enough water.....all of those. If you have high blood sugar, It inbalances the muscles absorbtion of water casuing headaches....I think. I just know what causes headaches, not how.

curious torontoian
absolutly...be careful ..go to your doctor because this could damage your eyesight..its more dangerous than you think

Yes, it can definitely cause that, and tremendous thirst, irritability, infections, and many other things. Make sure that you exercise, and watch your diet, drink a lot of water, and fresh fruit is good because it has natural sugar.

Yes it can, get a glucometer and try to see if your blood sugar levels are high during your headaches go see your doctor!

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