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 What is the normal range when testing your blood sugar with your home meter? Dr. never gave me any hi or lows.
I'm border line Type 2 Diabetic....

 Just curious to all Diabetics...................
I was wondering what you craved when your sugar got to low.....I crave chocolate (alot of it) a whole bag of cheddar goldfish, and croutons, are your cravings as crazy as mine?
Additional D...

 Is it true that diabetics get sick more than "normal" people?
Because I do alllll the time. I'm actually sick right now.....

 I dont have time for diabetes.?
Im 30 yrs old with 2 children a husband and a 12 hr a day job 7 days a week.
Im having trouble tracking my type 2 diabetes I have had it for 2.5 yrs Im on metforman and lipex for my colestorol(6....

 What is the average life expectancy of someone with type 1 diabetes?

 Hi, I was recently diagnosed with high blood sugar; how often should I change my lancets, every time I check?
Seems to be alot of different recommendations.......Thanks J...

 Diabetes is driving me crazy?
I am getting crazy from diabetes .I got it like last month .And sometimes it drops and sometimes it gets high.
I dunno what i have to do now .And it makes me very angry and ...

 My blood glucose level was at a 41. Should I be worried?
I just have been on a diet for almost 3 months now and lost about 40 pounds. I used to eat crap, and now I eat healthy. About 2 years ago they drew my blood and my level was at 89. That was when I ...

 Can i live long even i have diabetes?
i don't drink alcohols and take ...

 If man is Created in God's image, and there are millions of diabetics...is it likely that God is diabetic, too

 Why instead of waiting to see if we have diabetes are we not screened for it?
before it's too late. I don't have it but friends of mine do and thery were so shocked to find out that they had it when they went for a medical check up. Surely there is cheap product on ...

 Diabetic Advice Neened Please.?
Partner has type 1 diabetes and currently has bad bg levels he also has excessive sweats and his tounge is very swollen and cracked. Please could anyone provide some advice as to what is happening ...

 Why is alcohol bad for diabetics?

 How long can alcohol be detected in your blood?

 I have foamy urine for a long time,i checked it in internet and i get the impression that i have a kidney prob
hi im a diabetec patient for about 2 years my age is 20 yrs.
my sugar level are very good .. my result in "FBS" is 95
and in "HBA1C" is 95 .. but i had a problem "...

 Is high blood preasure genetic?

 My blood pressure is 195/ 115 tell me about this, i am not a blood pressure person?
what is wrong with me, im dizzy as i write this?
Additional Details
i went they kept me, they gave me two shots on the side of my bottom to sedate me ive been sedated for three days now ...

 Any medicine which can help diaberic patient?any doctor here?
There are many taboos on food you eat as diabetic patient,along with regular exercices,but is there any herbal medicine or alopathy medicine which can be useful in diabetes,2 type?...

 What would cause thinning of hair on legs?

 Eating Pop Corn everyday is bad for a diabetic person?
I have Type II Diabetes and I love Pop Corn!...

Can eating a lot of sugar make you diabetic?

If you constant maintain a high sugar level in the blood, then yes you will wear out your pancreas and you will end up diabetic.

mama bear
no it cannot

Steve R
Yes it can. If your body cannot produce enough insulin to take care of the sugar in your blood, then the extra sugar will start to damage your kidneys, lungs, heart, liver, etc...

No but it can make you feel like c**p!

Causes of Diabetes.
(1) Hereditory factors.(parents, brothers & sisters having diabetes.)
(2) Overweight & belly stomach.
(3) Over 45 years of age.
(4) Ethnic community more suceptible for diabetes.
(5) Women who had gestational diabetes and those who had delivered a baby having a weight more than 4 Kg.
(6) High Blood Pressure.(above 140/90 mm Hg)
(7) Persons having high triglycerides level.
(8) Persons having high cholesterol in the blood.
If you are above 45 years of age, it is necessary to reduce sugar intake as a precaution. Eating of junk/fast foods, smoking & drinking, lack of exercise, etc. are contributing factors for Juvenile diabetes.
Please see the webpages for more details on Diabetes.


No, but it can lead to syndrome X, a condition wherein your body makes much more insulin than it should have to. That can lead to Type II diabetes.

Timothy C
Absolutely not.

I have been a diabetic for 42 years - on insulin.
I put together my own site to help people. See it below:

Some say yes, some say no...I think yes. Because if you think about what our diet was intended to be and compare it to what we make it now, it is amazing that our pancreas can handle the job. I mean if we were hunting and gathering, just how much sugar would we find in a day? Just my take on it. I think we can tax our pancreas... Oh ps, someone called me to tell me that potatoes have negative effects as far as causing diabetes.. i guess it would be the starch? I never read the study so I don't know. I eat tons of them a day that is why my mom thought i should know.

While eating products with sugar can affect you, eating too much white foods, such as pasta, bread, rice, potatoes, along with heriety, certain mediations you are on and being overweight can lead you to diabeties.

if it makes u fat yes

yes , it leads to metabolic syndrome (x)
that is because our body is not naturally adapted for REFINED SUGARS
also table sugar (sucrose) is equivalent to
double its amount of glcose.
so a small amount of pure sugar will reult in
drowning the body with glucose, its almost
a emergency when you consider how the whole body is activated to deal with this glucose.
repetition of this imbalance in dietary intake over a long time certainly will lead to obesity
and TYPE 2 dm (the type you see in older people usually)

TYPE 1 however is a genetic deficiency in insulin production and usually is seen in young people and is not caused by diet habits.

i have read some articles where sucrose is compared to POISON , thats how serious its effect can be.

remember every can of pepsi or coke has almost 6 tablespoons of sugar in it.

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