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Abisola W
Can a diabetic use honey as a sweetner?Is it not sugar?

Honey is sugar. Almost every food is a form of sugar. In milk it is called lactose, in fruit it is fructose. The secret is to eat foods that convert to sugar slowly such as whole wheat, brown rice etc.

Texas Pineknot
My mom is diabetic and she won't use it. Something about how it breaks down in your body that's not good for a diabetic.

saxon trix
I am a Diabetic 2 and honey is a no, no for me. It enters the
blood too quickly. It is a high GI, wheras fruit sugar, which you
can buy in any supermarket, is low GI and better for you. I
use it in my homemade jams and very sparingly in other foods.
And it doesn't taste any different from real sugar.

its GI is a little lower but still it will make your blood sugar rise if you use a lot. I am a type 1 and I don't use it. If its in something i'll eat it but to add it to my food as a sweetner, no its just another form of sugar. But at least its natural so a little would be fine if you take it into acount of what you are eating. So in a way yes a little is fine.

not sugar. but i think it sweeter than sugar. consult doctor or website.

No. However, go to a pharmacy, where they sell sweeteners for diabetics.

jen ERNY
Actually, honey is sugar. It is a simple sugar. I am referring to the chemical bonding of honey. Depending upon what type of diabetes you have, insulin dependant, or type two, it may or may not be safe for you to use honey as a sugar substitute. that is a question for your doctor, or a registered dietitian, who is familiar with your case. I am a nurse, and also an insulin dependant diabetic. Hope this helps.

jo w
NO, its worse than sugar.

No way! Honey is a form of sugar that is WORSE than sugar. It will cause your blood glucose to go throught the roof. I suggest you use something like Splenda for a sweetner. It was made for diabetics.

Cathy :)
It depends on the type of diabetes you have and its treatment, but basically honey will definitely affect your blood sugar just like sugar does. It is often recomended as 'better' than cane sugar because it's natural, but just like fruit being 'good for you,' it is still high in sugar and will affect your blood sugars. I've heard that fructose (you can buy it in the supermarket and it looks just like normal sugar) doesn't affect your blood sugar, but I'm too scared to try it!!! Artificial sweeteners are an alternative that won't affect your blood sugar - but they are artificial so some people don't like to use them! Hope that helps xx

Susan G
Honey, although not table sugar, breaks down in your system like sugar does. I am a diabetic and I still have a little bit of honey on toast every now and again. I just can't have very much of it. Most diabetics count carbs right now and if you'll look at the nutritional label for a jar of honey you will find that it's fairly hight in carbohydrates and is therefore on the "you don't get very much of this" list.

No, I don't think it's a good idea. Consider from GI (Glycemix Index), Honey has GI = 87 higher han 58 of Sugar.
Choosing low GI carbs - the ones that produce only small fluctuations in our blood glucose and insulin levels. So Honey is even worse than sugar.

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