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 What causes mouth become dry and taste bitter after night sleep?

 What can cause extreme fatigue in type 1 diabetes?
I am a type 1 juvenile diabetic and have had since 1993. I am currently 22 years old. I have had extreme fatigue problems for the past year and a half or so. I have hypothyroid and am medicated ...

 I just started taking Metformin today. What are the side effects and is it dangerous to take in any way?

 I want to know if peanut butter lowers high sugar?

 I have diebetes and take two different insulin and take with a needle what do i do took the wrong med ?
I have 2 meds and took the wrong injection it take your sugar down right away and it has dropped 100 points ina hour anyone know anything about sugar I dont want to die help!!...

 Why does a cut swell up?
like if u get a paper cut or if u cut urself why does it swell ...

 What do you call if your sugar goes above 1000mcg?
If someones blood sugar level goes above 1000 mcg, what do you call (medical terminology)...

 Blood sugar readings?
my blood sugar readings have ranged 150-200 points.
for intense,
one time i checked it, and it was 423, but i tested it again, and it read 236.
what could this mean?
(i washed my ...

 Do you have any suggestions for Diabetes and Mood?
For the past four years I have had really bad moods and mood swings...Now I've had depression for about 18 years....and anxiety issues for about eight years...I developed Diabetes type 2 about ...

 Whats the normal sugar level in our body?

 I Type 1 diabetic diagnosed in July 07'.?
I am type 1 diabetic diagnosed in July 07'. I am on 18 units of Apidra a day and 20 units of Lantus. Since last night I have not been able to control my levels. I have been over 400 since last ...

 Is diabetes treatable?

 Blood sugar reading?
Well i had a blood test at the docs today, and he was pleased 7.5 not fasting. wooo hooo i must be doing something right. :) So my metformin medication is fine too, was 7.9 then 7.7 now 7.5. so im ...

 Any oral insulin available?
Any oral insulin available. Pl ...

 Can diabetes skip a generation?
Diabetes is in my family and my grandfather had it and my mom got it about a year ago....i heard diabetes usually is very easy for obese people to get it......im skinny so i was thinking my chances ...

 When you got diagnosed with diabetes did you get addicted to Diet Coke or Pepsi max or something?
Pretty much straight after I was diagnosed I got addicted to diet coke and now I can not stop drinking it! It seems that heaps of people with diabetes get addicted to diet coke, so I wanted to hear ...

 Is laser eye treatment suitable for diabetes sufferers?

Additional Details
I'm 24, and I was thinking about correcting my vision. I hate wearing glasses....

 What if you are way older than 13-14 and you become a type 1 diabetic is that possible?
They say that if you have had diabetes since the age of 13 then you are a type 1 diabetic but what if you are 50+ and all of a sudden you get diabetes ad they diagnose you to be type 1 is this ...

 Can pickles increase pressure or cholestrol?

 Okay. Sugar in the urine means Diabetes. Does lack of sugar mean lack of Diabetes?

Additional Details
Also: Is it possible to have a high A1C, unrelated to Diabetes?...

Can a diabetic take tylenol pm?

yes it is safe iam a diabetic and i take Tylenol also.

Sounds OK to me!

yes you can, there is no reason, other than other medical problems, that you can not.

did you just tell a diabetic to get well soon? or did you mean that as in get to a stable point and feel good soon?

John C
Check with your DR.My wife takes it and she is a diabetic

yup..about to take one right now in a matter of a fact. i asked the dr he said it was fine

Joyce J
All Tylenol PM is regular Tylenol and 25 mg. of Benadryl. It's the Benadryl that makes you sleepy. My advice--stop buying the brand name and just get some generic Tylenol and Benadryl. Cheaper and works just as well. However, Tylenol has been known to cause false low BS readings on Accu-checks and the like. So be careful with that; if you don't feel shocky and your reading is low, recheck it before you take any glucose or whatever you use for low BS reactions.

Nurse J
Yup! A diabetic can certainly take it...Tylenol PM is NOT contraindicated in diabetics. Tylenol PM is a combo of Acetaminophen and Diphenhydramine (the same ingredient as Benadryl). However, if the diabetic patient has kidney or liver disease, consult your physician first.

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