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Can a diabetic person eat banana everyday without affecting his/her sugar level?
What kind of fruits can a diabetic eat without affecting his/her sugar level in the body?

All food with carbs will effect your blood sugars.[ protein and fats do not have carbs ]
You should not expect your sugars to be exactly the same every day.
Once you learn about carbs and carb exchanges , you will have a better idea of how to care for yourself.
There is not one food on the face of the earth we cannot eat.There are some poor choices but they can be worked into your schedule.
I wish you the best as you learn more every day.

viviana j
actually bananas are so bad for a diabetic speaking from experience u should try other fruits such as strawberries apples blueberries (not mangos because they are also very high in sugar) and maybe even consired eating dry fruit such as cranberries they are very good:)

if your sugar is low enough eat a half

anything you eat affects your blood sugar just keep a check on it and see how it effects yours

Karen K
A diabetic can eat 1 medium banana a day to help keep their Potassium level from getting too low.

Bananas and other soft sweet fruits send me to the moon no matter what else I may or may not eat. I do avoid them even if the Potassium benefit is there.

I eat apples, slightly under ripe fruits and lots of tomatoes!!

They all affect glucose levels, but with a bit of adjusting to the food plan they will fit in. the less sweet the better, the crispier the better. They don't have the sugar content to raise glucose levels too much and fruits are very necessary to good nutrition.

I have had type 11 diabetes for seven years, I take Metformin and glyberide, my sugar levels are normal, most days. I have a banana and a small glass of lactose free milk every night before retiring. Eat small portions meals with balanced carbs and proteins, never skip a meal and don't ever drink regular soft drinks.

actually banana is quite a high level sugar contain fruit... suggesting you to try some fruits like green apple, oranges... what a diabetic patient should avoid in fruits are banana, mango, grapes, guava and durian (if he/she do take it). not to say that can't take at all but have to watch the portion and frequency such as once a week.

As long as you count the carbs in the fruit and add it to the daily allowance for carbs you can eat any fruit that you want. You probably need to see a diabetic dietician and let him/her set up your daily carb and calorie allowance for your meals and snacks then you can be more aware of what you can eat or not. It is always your decision but with that knowledge you can choose more carefully.

Hoosier Mom
Sugar is sugar is sugar. The sugar in fruit is fructose. Some fruits have more fructose, some less. Some have more fiber (affects sugar digestion), some less. Check an exchange list or glycemic index for precise information (American Diabetes Org. website is a great place to start).

Also, every diabetic is different. Some can eat fruits just fine within the bounds of their diet, some not. For me, any type of fruit spikes my blood sugar - I've just learned over time which affects me the least and my body can tolerate the most. That way I'm still getting a balanced diet, fresh fruit, and what I consider one of the best food treats I eat. When I was pregnant, on the other hand, I couldn't risk it. My blood sugar jumps 50-100 every time I eat fruit, and while I can work that into my "normal" diet, I couldn't work it into my pregnant one for fear of hurting my son by doing so.

So please experiment (under doctor supervision definitely preferrable) for your own answer to this.

Good luck! (:

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