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she was found alive but unresponsive.
Additional Details
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 Has anyone ever had their type 2 diabetes diagnosed wrong?
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 I am a diabetic on insulin, where can I legally dispose of the syringes?
I have checked with my doctor and labs, no one seems to know. Not only is it dangerous, it is a felony to tossed them in the trash. Sharpe containers cost $20 a piece then they want $7 to dispose of ...

 Testing one two three?

Can a diabetic person continue to consume sweet food stuffs, oily food? What about fresh fruit juice?
Normally, a diabetic person should be careful to his/her diets,especially those diets contain more sugary, fat etc..
which mean that their daily living are restricted with the foodstuff.
What about fresh fruit juice, is there any restriction?

fruits have fructose, also a sugar=)

First of all,ask your doctor which diabetes you have,Type 1-which is treated by insulin or the Type 2 which cannot be treated by insulin.
In Type 2,food intake should be strictly regulated.
In type 1 ,If more/less food is consumed,Insulin doasage can be ajdusted accordingly.

Dear Elginkoh,

I've had Type 1 for more than 42 years. I used to drink a glass of oj or some other fruit juice with my breakfast but no longer do that because juice causes the blood sugar to rise quickly. Now I drink oj when my blood sugar is LOW.

A comment for the woman who said her husband eats (among fruits) a banana every day - I was devastated last week when talking to my doctor to learn that Diabetics should NOT eat bananas because they have too much sugar for the nuitritional value. I was devastated because bananas are my favorite!

I felt deprived when I first got diabetes but when you looking at the Big Picture I have learned that one should eat to live rather than live to eat. There are just way too many awful complications for poorly controlled blood sugar levels.

Donna M
Unless a diabetic person is hoping to suffer horrible complications and possibly drop dead in the near future, no, they should not continue eating sugary foods, fatty foods, or anything like it.
Whoever this person is, you or someone else, they should be under the care of a GP and a dietician, who will give them a clear idea of what is and isn't acceptable.
There are dozens and dozens, probably hundreds, of books available on cooking for diabetics. I suggest investing in lots of them.

A diabetic needs to cut back on the sweets, read labels and learn how much sugar is in the fruit. Orange juice is high sugar.

My Husband has bananas every day. Apples, oranges, (when you drink the juice you consume much more sugar that eating l orange)

We only use Splenda as a sweetener. It is more expensive (But not as expensive as medical treatment).

We cut pork intake to very low also beef. High on chicken and fish. This brought his counts under reasonable control. Lots of beans and vegetables. White foods potatoes, wheat, rice, pastas all convert to sugar in your body. So ease up on them radically. We have been having whole wheat pasta now that it is available.

When we eat out we split meals now as our intake is half of what it was when he was diagnosed 7 years ago. We have protein shakes for breakfast most of the time. Your appetite will decrease radically.

No candies or cake and icing or regular ice cream. Go to sugar free or no sugar added.

With the new sweeteners, it really is not that hard.


Happy Holidays.

People with diabetes can eat what ever they like.
It's all a matter of counting carbs, portion control, medication and exercise.

If you are unsure of how these things work together, talk to a diabetes educator or doctor. Read everything you can get your hands on and note the source and copyright date.Do not believe anything printed more than 10 yrs ago.
Good luck.

Here is the American Diabetic Association's diet:

health gure michael van straten concedes that fresh fruit juice does indeed raise the blood sugar though not as much as non natural foods but that you should have it anyway in small amounts to get the calorie and nutrient value
on a more general point british diabetic association has recently recommended that all special diabetic foods should be avoided and normal food should be consumed in the appropriate quatities.as for oily foods you would have to refer to your cholesterol level.after you have resensitised your palate by slowly withdrawing sugar you would find oily food disgusting anyway and added sugar overpowering and the diet then becomes self regulating
see my q and a for more information on adhering to the diabetic diet but it is important to find a balance between the diet and not allowing to totally overtake your life and become oppressive

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