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Can Diabetes be reversed by lifestyle/diet changes?

Elizabeth M
Yes, but see a doctor who has a nutritionist to whom he refers. If he has no nutritionist, then read on.
Type 2 diabetes, according to the research, can be helped a great deal by exercising at least 30 minutes a day (start slower if you cannot walk that long) by drinking plenty of water, by removing virtually all refined sugar and most refined flour from your diet, by increasing the fiber you eat (fruit, vegetables, whole grain) and thereby decreasing body weight. Don't drink sugared soda or energy drinks, limit your fruit juice and start reading the label on everything you consume. If it has high glucose corn syrup, Dextrose, or even organic brown sugar, it has sugar. Avoid it. Learn what you put in your body, because the food manufacturers don't care; you have to. AARP magazine just had a good article on diabetes management; try Web MD and emedicine for more. The exercise alone can have a great effect.
And this is not a liver disease, to counter one answer I saw. This disease has to do with a bad insulin response from the pancreas. It is a combination of lifestyle and heredity that causes it. The books by Mehmet Oz and Michael Roisen, both doctors, You and Owner's Manual or You on a Diet deals with this in great layman's language, and the second one includes diet and exercise tips that that are very easy to follow.
Take care of diabetes now. I once read that a diabetic's organs age 20 years for every 10 that they live with the disease. It is a major indicator for heart attack, stroke and a long list of other problems. On the other hand, weight loss and exercise, plus decent diet can put you to where it is a non issue. Good luck, and start working

Kay G

no once a diabetic always one...sorry...
but you can live longer and better if you jus eat right and stay healthy
dont forget you can go form like a type 3 to a 1 if you take care of yourself

DM2 can be alleviated by diet and exercise to maintain weight loss, but not totally reversed if the condition has not reached insulin dependency. DM2 is becoming very prevalent, in the US children as young as 3 have developed it due to our high fat, high sugar, high carb diets along with a sedentary lifestyle.

If you have DM2, consult both a doctor specializing in diabetic care and a nutritionist for modifications in your diet.

Yes. See a doctor.


No matter what you read or hear, diabetes cannot be reversed or cured by any means other than a pancreatic transplant (assuming it's successful).

With diet, exercise and medication (either orally or by injection), diabetes can be controlled and managed...NOT cured or reversed. Once you have diabetes, you have it for life. The ONLY exception to this is gestational diabetes, which usually resolves after birth of the baby (gestational occurs in pregnancy). However, women who develop gestational diabetes have a MUCH higher risk of developing type 2 later in life.

If you are in good control as a type 2, it only SEEMS like it has been "reversed". Actually,it is good control. You would still have it and it is only waiting to rear it's ugly head once again. A type 2 diabetic may get to the point, with excellent control, where they no longer have to use medication but they STILL have diabetes. As for type 1, there is no other option than to take insulin...unless you want to die.

If you have diabetes, learn to accept it and deal with it. Stop hoping for a miracle cure. The longer you ignore diabetes and act as if it goes away, the more serious the long term side effects will be.

type 1 for longer than I care to remember, insulin pump.

I'm going to elaborate a little here since I seem to started a holy war here between myself and another user...The original question stated "Can diabetes be reversed or cured by lifestyle/diet changes?" The person asking did not specify the type to which they were referring. Everyone (except me, it seems) is assuming that the person is referring to type 2. While type 2 can be controlled ("reversed" to an extent), there is still a need for continued and lifelong control and management. A person with type 2 can never go back to the lifestyle before diabetes. The body's insulin resistance may decrease but the pancreas will never again become fully functional, nor will the body's resistance to insulin ever fully dissipate. The person is still a diabetic. Vigilance over diet and exercise will always be needed.

So...depending on what your definition of "reveral" is, it could go either way. To me, a cure is a defeat of a disease, where a person no longer has it. I stand by my answer.

not that i know of i have type 1 and i am on the juice(insulin) for life untill they cure it. as for type 2 (which i think is what you mean) i also dont think so. the pancreas is messed up. but i dont know mine is messed for sure

Liz S
you can prevent it by having a good lifestyle/diet. some people who were diabetic got rid of it by accident.but 99.9% of the time, once youre diabetic, youre always diabetic.

No , but it can be managed with a good diet and exercise

That applies to type one and two.

If a type one manages the diet properly the need for insulin is less, type 2 the need to produce insulin is less taking the strain off the body.

check out this research group .......http://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/

Check these sites out.


This is a link to a NY Times article. The link was too long so I shortened it for here.

If you don't like to read a lot, I'll give it to you in a nutshell. They say it can temporarily, but not permanently. Your symptoms will go away while you lose weight, but as soon as you get thin and quit losing the symptoms will come back.

bradpitts g
It can be managed more detailed information on it at

doyle b
it depends, how far along is the desease, which type of diabetes your talking about. However, lifestyle/diet changes can make life very livable and enjoyable for someone with it.

you can if you have type two. type two relies on a healthy lifestyle, eating the right foods, consistently exercizing, while type 1 is completely insulin dependent. their bodies cannot make it anymore, so they are completely dependent.

Robyn D
Prevented but iunno about reversed. It could probably become less of an issue to your health.

ive never heard oth that happening

I am living proof that you can get rid of type 2 diabetes. I got diagnosed back in may of this year. I'm 27 years old 6'3" and at the time of my diagnoses I weighed about 280 lbs. I did not go on some crash diet or real hard exercise program just made sure I listened to my diabetes education program about my carb intake. I have lost 80 lbs and am completely off of any type of medication. The main thing about being a fat type two diabetic is the fat surrounds your cells and it's very difficult for those cells to absorb insulin so your body produces more and it doesn't get used and this causes your blood glucose levels to get high. Cardio 3 times a week at least, no more than 60 grams of carbs per meal, if you don't over eat you will be fine. Don't bow down to this horrible disease beat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, type 2 diabetes can be reversed in many cases. Happens all the time. People are finding out that with the right diet and exercise, that they can minimize or eliminate the need for medication. I know a few folks that have succeeded in doing this myself. Judging by the number of positive responses, I'd say quite a few of your answerers have reversed the progress of their diabetes too. Too bad the American Diabetes Association doesn't seem to give a damn.

B. D Mac
DEFINITELY! My husband had a really high blood sugar level and they wanted to put him on meds. He changed his diet and exercised more and the doctor said he was the "Poster Boy" for diabetic patients. His levels went down so much they took him off the meds and he has not had to go back on. His blood sugar is now within normal range.

Here is more info!

OK, First the obvious, diet well and exercise.

It is difficult while in school but it can be done. Try to avoid pizza and pasta dishes.

If you eat fruit eat it whole, no juice or applesauce. (I was shocked when I went to a class to learn how to eat to combat diabetes and the lady had us bring breakfast, She then said who has the worst breakfast in the room? Everyone looked at me [How Embarrassing!] because at that time my idea of a breakfast was a coke. I was a dancer and had an extremely high metabolism as well. I was amazed when she pointed to the people with orange juice and said they had more sugar in their drink then I did [Although she did point out that coke was not exactly breakfast of the champions)

You should eat a healthy diet with lots of veggies. Eat 5-6 small meals a day. Stay away from sugar. Look at the labels and if they have sugar or Dextrose or the other 5,000 names for sugar in the first few listed ingredients of an item, Don't use it! You will be shocked to see what all has a ton of sugar! Eat seafood often. If you want salty try almonds.

Try Try Try to exercise. When I had a little time in school I would walk the stairs up and down and rather than waste expensive gas to park close to class, park at the edges of the lot and walk! You get exercise and many time you will get to class before the people searching for a spot!

See sites to help you below.

Good Luck!

Check out Cooking Light magazines and cookbooks. They take traditional foods that we love and make a low-fat, low-sugar version that tastes great! There are also diabetes cookbooks out there. Many of these meals you cannot tell they are different from the others.

Since your Mom is a Diabetic, she can ask to attend the nutrition class and insurance will pay for it. They ask you to bring a family member so you will be able to go to! That is why I was able to go,

Good Luck!
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Cooking Sites:












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Mr. Peachy®
Type 2?

Reversed? Absolutely. I'm proof and here's more:
All are recognized and respected doctors. These are not merely hollow claims. By adopting a personalized combination of the above diets, my insulin resistance has gone down right along with my blood glucose numbers and the results are incontrovertible... no matter how you read it, the effects of the diabetes are reversing. Do I ever expect it to be gone completely? No, but I can always hope, can't I?

Since adopting this daily routine, I have managed to abandon the medication. My 14 day average blood glucose readings are lower without meds... 90mg/dl (5mmol/l) than they were while taking Metformin.... averages were in excess of 100mg/dl (5.6mmol/l) while on the medication. So yes, I've managed to "reverse" my diabetes.

In response to this:

"If you are in good control as a type 2, it only SEEMS like it has been "reversed".".

I contend: The numbers don't lie... I no longer am taking any medication and my lower glucose numbers can only be construed one way: the effects of the diabetes have reversed. Period.

Despite what some here would have you believe... just because you can't completely eliminate a disease doesn't mean that the effects can't be mitigated to the extent that, for all intents, the disease is reversed. Reverse in no way implies cured. It simply means less involved. Seems pretty clear to me.

its a metabolic disorder. but only stress diabetes goes by itself after some time. but diabetes can not be reversed by life style and diet changes but certainly we can keep it under control and might be keep our self away from hypoglycemic drugs for some time by strict diet Control and exercise. in fact its a good idea to start with to change our life style and to make dietary changes. this way we helps ourselves to keep us healthy as diabetes involves all the major organs and damage them. diabetes, cardiac problems, over weight, renal problems, are all inter related so its better to keep diabetes under control and protect ourselves from other diabetes related problems as long as possible.
good luck !!!

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