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Borderline diabetic, why does my legs hurt real bad at night only. just when i try to sleep?

You see your doctor. There could be different reasons for your pain, some simple and some more serious. The lack of circulation will cause pain in your legs. The circulation problem could be caused by narrowed arteries. If you have that in your legs you most likely have it elsewhere. Go in and have it checked out. The diagnosis criteria of prediabetes, formally known as borderline, was lowered because research suggests that damage was being done at much lower glucose levels than once thought and if caught earlier the damage might be prevented.

I use to suffer from those leg cramps too.
You need to watch your blood sugars more offen. If it is the neuropathy or nerve damage than you need to see your doctor for help.

For instant relief you need to put your foot on the floor with your heel down and your toes pointing up. its very painful but it will stop the cramp.... until the next one....

Ask your doctor to check your Potassium too.... but being a diabetic (I don't believe in pre and post diabetic you are IF you are!) DO NOT take extra Potassium if you don't need it, it can cause kidney failure.
I found a small amount of protein at bedtime helps too, a glass of milk or a protein bar something like that.
Good Luck

Doris D
to me it sounds like rls but i may be wrong Ive never been a boarderline diabetic Ive had Type 1 since I was 10 Your best bet is to tell a Dr. about it and see what he or she says about it.

Get to you DR. asap there are a number of things that could be going on you dont know it is to risky to take a chance

Go with bmac answer first!

Chemical changes in the body.

Diabetes is not the huge medical mystery it used to be, and so it shouldn't be. Diabetes has skyrocketed by 500% in just 20 years. Being a "borderline" diabetic is the best place to start with dealing with it. Four times Nobel Prize winning science should see to that, it's just a few complex carbohydrates. 350,000 scientific papers written in its acclaim in 10 years too. If that won't stop your legs hurting at night, nothing will.

Good luck.

It could be several things:

Cramps from low Potassium
Restless Leg Syndrome
Peripheral Neuropathy (which is common in diabetics)

Talk to your doctor about this as soon as you can.

A muscle cramp is an involuntary, sustained tightening (contraction) of one or more of your muscles. It can result in intense pain and an inability to use the affected muscles. Night leg cramps are contractions of the leg muscles, usually in the back of the lower leg (calf). They often occur just as you're falling asleep or just as you're waking up.

The exact cause of night leg cramps isn't known. Some experts believe they may be due to abnormal processing of electrolytes — essential elements and chemical substances your body needs for basic functions — by muscles. Almost everyone has occasional leg cramps. But they occur most often in older adults. Common causes of night leg cramps include:

* Muscle overexertion
* Prolonged sitting
* Dehydration
* Pregnancy
* Diabetes
* Decreased Potassium levels
* Neuromuscular disorders, such as Parkinson's disease
* Certain medications, such as Albuterol, Niacin, diuretics, and some Calcium channel blockers and antipsychotic medications
* Alcohol use

If you do get a leg cramp, you may be able to make it go away by:

* Walking on the affected leg
* Massaging the affected muscle
* Straightening your leg and flexing your foot toward your knee until you feel the calf muscles stretch
* Applying a cold pack to the affected muscle
* Taking a hot bath

To help prevent night leg cramps:

* Drink plenty of fluids during the day
* Stretch your leg muscles before bedtime

If you have frequent and severe leg cramps at night, talk to your doctor. Treatment results vary. But the most effective treatments based on current research are:

* Quinine
* Vitamin B-12
* Gabapentin

Night leg cramps should be distinguished from another common cause of night leg discomfort called restless legs syndrome, a condition in which your legs have a creepy, crawly or fidgety sensation unless you move them. This sensation often gets worse as night approaches. Restless legs syndrome is a neurologic condition that requires different treatment from that of night leg cramps.

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