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Blood sugar level is a 380?
what does it mean

amazed !!!

J. L. A.
It means Hospital.. LIKE NOW

Some Guy
It means get yourself to an ER or take your insulin before you go into a diabetic coma. You're 20 points away from what our lab defines as critical.

Mr Cellophane
Very high.. Dangerously high... Not enough insulin. It could be you had too much sugar or starches... Phone your doctor

Night Wind
It means you need to take a hearty walk to bring those numbers down. It also means you need to contact your doctor for a check up. My friend has type 2 diabetes. When his numbers go high like that, he takes a 2 to 3 mile walk. That usually will drop it down a lot. When your numbers are to high you can slip into a diabetic coma. Please don't wait to see your doctor. Sooner is better than later. I would call an ER right now and at least speak to a nurse. Good luck to you.

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Muhammad Ali
This is too much. Is this the first time you've been diagnosed with this? if so then you may depend upon pills to control sugar level. Otherwise you need Insulin. Your doctor will give you best advise. I suggest you must call your doctor or go to nearby hospital immediately.

You do not need to be hospitalized or call your doctor.
You probably feel like dirt though.
Drink lots of water , take your meds and rest.
Check in with your doctor if this bcomes a recurring situation.You may need to adjust your meds.

380 mg is nearly 21 mmol and that is in the dark red zone!


You had a ton of sugar in your system! Too many carbs!

Damned fan
See your doctor...I have diabetes and mine was 360...I now take Metformin 4 times a day and have a thingy to check my blood sugar each day...don't wait...it killed my Dad at an early age!!

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