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 How much does it cost to use Insulin a year? That includes the needles and vials (EVERYTHING).?

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That is out of the pocket. We don't have any health coverage what so ever....

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It's tough to keep to a testing and eating schedule (although I DO try and keep fruit and small snacks with me) while I am travelling by plane. What do YOU folks do - any tips to share?

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 What happens when you get tested for diabetes?
Is it a blood test?

Also what type is more common 1 or 2?

And lastly i heard people who have diabetes can not have children because it is very risky....

 Any one had a blood glucose test recently?
If so what was your numbers .Please dont answer if your not British .I am not being nosy ,just like to know what your result was and was it normal Thank ...

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get these odd dizzy and breathless episodes. thought could be panic attaks, but on testing blood readings find the sugar levels are very low. (2.9 or similar)...

 My dad was diagnosed yesterday
I recently found out my dad has diabetes. I am sad. Anyways, I was wondering if anybody knew websites that have menu plans for diabetics. Thank you all. Serious answers only !...

 What are a few good snacks for someone diagnosed with pre-diabetes, also called impaired glucose tolerance?

 In which type of diabetes can the body no longer regulate blood glucose levels?

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Both type 1 and type 2
Type 2
Type 1
Neither type 1 nor type 2...

 Dizzynesses, trembling, fatigue, fainting, could it be...?
Hypoglycemia? I'm 15 and not a diabetic
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I hardily have a peroid I'm luckily if I get one every month and am extremely active....

 Can you have symptoms of hypoglycemia and not be a diabetic?

Could someone list me some common symptoms of hypoglycemia? (sorry if I spelled it wrong)
Thank you.
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Thank you everyone. Those are quite similar to the symptoms I ...

 Anyone know if you can get laser eye surgery if you a 70year old diabetic' Thank You all.?
it is for my dad he is fit otherwise....

 Strange phenomenon?
I seem to have this strange phenomenon ! The more I drink the more often I have to pee. Is this normal ?...

 Signs of diabetes?
When should someone get tested?...

 I'm getting worried??
I am getting worried that I might have diabetes.. my boyfriend has it, and he has it for 6 years now, and he told me he was seeing symptoms in me, because when I was at his house, I was peeing a lot, ...

Blood glucose of 113. Could it be diabetes?
My husband has been experiencing severe dizzy spells. He went to an ENT because we thought it had something to do with his inner ear. Blood was drawn at the ENT's office. The results came back today. His blood glucose was 113. He was told to contact his primary care physician about Adult Onset Diabetes. Is dizziness a symptom of Diabetes? Is this number high enough to be considered diabetes?

If the blood test was taken FIRST THING in the morning meaning it was a fasting sugar a result of 113 means he has IMPAIRED GLUCOSE TOLERANCE which if not treated now he will become a full blown diabetic.Now you need to answer a few things.Is he overweight?Is he not active?Is anybody in his family diabetic?Does he eat alot of sweets?Have your medical doctor draw a blood test callled a hemogloblobin A1C this tests shows your blood sugar average over the past few weeks.It will tell if he is truly impaired.If he is a diet change,walking,changing soda to diet,more water,etc will help bring his sugar down and he will be fine.Dizziness and shakiness is caused by low sugar.When my sugar is high I get headaches and blurry vision.

Diabetes can cause dizzyness in certain cases. 113 is a bit above the "normal" for glucose levels, but his physician will do more studies. It really depends on when your husband ate, before the ENT drew his blood. Was it a fasting glucose level? His primary care physician can do a test called an A1C - this is a three month average of his glucose levels. But the physician may want to do other tests first. If your husband is "boarderline" they will usually try to control his sugars with diet before putting him on any medication.
This is the reason the ENT told your husband to see his primary care physician. More tests will have to be done. I'm sure they want to be safe. If your husband doesn't have diabetes - all the better, but if he does, he will want to watch his diet now.
Uncontrolled diabetes can cause severe health problems. Encourage your husband to see his primary care physician and have further tests run. They can give you better advice, no matter what the outcome of the tests.

no its normal anything usually over 120 is needed to be looked at theres also other signs you will get like peeing all the time and being thirsty stuff like that

113 is normal... was he dizzy at 113?? he needs to have a blood level done early in the morning before meal..never after meals.. i only get very dizzy and cranky when its on its way down.. i have to eat at specific times because otherwise t i get dizzy but i have no diabetes.. get a physical..sounds like he needs it any way...dizziness covers a lot of conditions not just diabetes..

kirsten j
Was the labwork fasting. If he was fasting then it is a bit high and warrants further workup. If it wasn't fasting then it is fine.

don't go crazy trying to diagnose yourself before you see the doctor. they will do a HBA1C test. Accurate blood glucose samples should always be done as a fasting test. Good luck

john e russo md
Your husband is innocent of disease until proven otherwise. Diabetes will not cause dizziness as an isolated symptom. A glucose of 113 deserves a repeat value but by itself does not warrant a diagnosis of diabetes. Physicians - myself included - are looking at lower and lower glucose values. This is because we have safer and more effective medications for diabetes. In addition it has long been known that metabolic changes preceed diabetes by a decade or so. Thus it is important that we identify diabetes at an earlier stage if we are going to reduce the cardiovascular complications. Although I do not favor the term 'pre-diabetic' I have been known to use the term impaired glucose tolerance. This 'diagnosis' is given when the fasting glucose is above ideal but not high enough to be considered diabetes. Some of these people progress to diabetes, some do not, and we are not able to identify those who will develop diabetes. Impaired glucose tolerance to me means that the individual should be aware of factors that place them at risk for diabetes. The diet should be one of fresh fruits and vegetables, minimizing highly processed foods, 'sweets' (glucose), salt, fats, fried foods, and cholesterol. (Of course this is the diet that everyone should follow but few do). An exercise program is recommended. If overweight the individual should make an effort to lose weight with a goal of a Body Mass Index of less than 25. You may calculate you Body Mass Index by dividing your weight in pounds by 2.2 to determine you weight in kilograms, and by multiplying your height in inches by 2.54 to determine your height in centimeters. Divide your height in centimeters by 100 to determine your height in meters. Multiply your height in meters by itself to determine your height in meters squared. Divide your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared and you have your Body Mass Index. Mine is 27 and yes I am on a diet. Even if a person with impaired glucose tolerance follows every bit of advice from the physician some people will still develop diabetes. An additional weakness of physicians is that you go to your physicians because of dizziness. The physician does not know why you have dizziness so they send you to an ENT. After seeing you the ENT does not know why you have dizziness but determines that your glucose is 113. The ENT does not know what the glucose means so they send you back to your physician. You still have dizziness. No wonder no one likes going to the doctor. I hope that this is helpful.

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