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Bob W
Blood glucose levels for type 2 diabetic?
my levels are high and i have been doing everything to bring it down any suggestions

Big Bobby Clobber
I agree with what Cammie wrote, and woould like to add that you should also keep track of what foods you are eating. Certain foods can trigger long-lasting high glucose levels. For me - it is oranges, for my sister, it is nuts. Go figure.

Exercise never hurts, and a discussion with a diabetes professional is always in order if you have questions.

what is high level??? hard to tell without numbers but if you go above 500 then go to doctor or er otherwise frink water for about 5 hrs no food then ck see if you start dropping and take a walk to burn off the suger see if that helps

stay on the light side of your ideal weight

eat several small meals a day vs 2 or 3.larger ones

for diner do not eat carbs - they are slow to digest and when they turn to sugar will just build up body fat.

Try to do 4 hours of exercises a day 4 times a week with at least 30 min in your routine to be cardiovascular.

drink at least 8 large glasses of water per day.

Breakfast should contain a non sugared fiber cereal using skin milk or skin milk plus.

eat no more than 4 oz of meat per day - eat plenty of salad.

do not drink soda or sugared fruit drinks.

drink tea vs. coffee. Many green teas are even therapeutic.

Diabetes HATES exercise !!! You can do low stress exercise if exercising is a problem ... however, whatever your restrictions are, there is always an exercise you can do.

Also, brown (wild) rice is the only food found that can actually lower your blood glucose.

Go see your doctor.You may need a change in medication or diet.
A diabetes educator might help too.It's all so confusing when you first have to deal with this.
You can try some exercise- a walk or whatever you like.See what effect this has on your sugars.
Good luck

Jen C
See a doctor, and also get Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution, an excellent book that really helped me. A nontraditional approach of a strict diet, probably stricter than the one your on now. When I go on the ADA diet, my blood sugars are out of control. However, on Dr. Bernstein's regimen my blood sugars were always UNDER 100, even after eating, and my fasting was in the 80's. It took about two weeks to get there. He advocates a very low carb approach, which the ADA doesn't like - but it works! So I don't care what they think. Besides the low-carb lifestyle was recently totally vindicated in the medical field as not increasing heart/cholesterol problems. Another thing Dr. Bernstein recommends (he is a diabetic himself) is anaerobic exercise, as it has a huge impact on reducing blood sugars. He describes how to do a particular type of workout in his book, it's tough but it does work. He also has a bunch of supplements that he suggests, commercially available everywhere (like a certain type of Vitamin E, alpha-lipoic acid, etc.). Good luck!

Valley Girl
I am heavily into natural remedies. You know the ones the doctors and FDA don't want you to know about because they really work? Anyway there is a new health discovery product on the market today that has proven to decrease blood sugar levels in Type 2 diabetes. Visit the web link below for more information. Trust me it really works! Take care.

Ron M
Yes, see your doctor. A number of things can cause your sugars to run higher despite using the same drugs. If you've gained weight that will have an effect, more likely is that your pancreas is producing less insulin. You NEED to see your doctor. He will send you for a blood test to determine exactly what is going on, and he will adjust your medication to ensure that your blood stays in a healthy range.

Are you on medications oral or injections? I was recently prescribed Byetta (injection) because my glucose levels stayed high and then after eating jumped even more. My A1C from my doc visit 2 weeks ago was 8.6, the 3 months before that it was 6.5, so it has jumped considerably. I currently take Metformin and not have added the Byetta, it is also supposed to help lower weight. But you do need to exercise if possible, keep stress to a minimum (high glucose can be caused from stress), keep away from the sugars and carbs, processed foods, white bread, take your medications and if they don't seem to be working tell your doc you think you need a change. I had to change doctors in order to get something done other than just the Metformin. My new doc on the first visit found alot of things wrong that have not been being treated as they should by my last doc. Before going to doc write down all the questions you might have also.

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