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 Do people with Diabetes also loose hair like what people with cancer?
im very curious. my friend has diabetes and he is worried that he will loose all of his hair. im trying to explain to him that what he thinks is cancer. can you loose your hair when you get diabetes??...

 How to diagnose for Diabetes?
But can i perchase for the set or blood monitor Glucose to check wheather i have diabetes?

It's look like small ractangle paper.
Additional Details
purchase from health ...

 I am a type 2 diabetic. Does anyone have any advice on how to lower blood sugar with anything natural?
I know cinnamon, vinegar, or alcohol can reduce blood sugars. I took a friends advice and tried a spoonful of coconut oil. You can spread it on a piece of bread and eat it that way. But it does work !...

 Fasting before a diabetes test? ?
I was told by my doc to fast beforehand but I wasnt told if this includes liquids as well ?...

 How genetics affects obesity in children?

 How can I lower my blood sugar????

 What organ of the body is responsible for the production of insulin?
I need to know!! please help me out if you know it thanks!!...

 Medical abbreviation for with?

 Can epileptic-like seizures be caused by undiagnosed diabetes?

 Question about diabetes?
My mom was diagnosed with Diabetes 4 months ago.Her sugar levels were high.Then the Dr. put her on meds.Since then she has lost weight & her hemogluobun AIC # came down,so the Dr. took her off ...

 I am 27 yrs old female. I am having type2 diabetic,My doctor suggest me to take glucose test before and?
I am 27 yrs old female. I am having type2 diabetic,My doctor suggest me to take glucose test before and after breakfast,before and after lunch,before and after dinner. So may i know the normal ...

 Diabetes - what shall i do?
I've been with my bf for 5 yrs, I've known since d very beginning that he was diabetic but aged 16 I didn't realise d burden. We really love each other and are very happy together, but ...

 Intense body itch?? What to do??
I have had diabetes for 25 years. I'm on the pump, in good control. Currently taking Humalog, Yasmin and Lexapro....and for some good forsaken reason I have these very intense outbreaks for ...

 If y have low blood sugar are u a debate?

 What do I need to check diabetes?
I was browsing through various products in Walmart and to my surprise I found variety of them with different price.

I was wondering what all I would need to buy to do sugar test for say 6 ...

 If you have diabetes, can you still join the army or marines?
Are you allowed to be a police officer?...

 If i get a tattoo can i still donate blood to others?

 What is the diferance betweens atherosclerosis and arthritis?

 Can diabetics have milkshakes?
Like, just a regular small chocolate, strawberry or vanilla milkshake without really messing up their blood sugar? I'm just curious. :)...

 I have been diagnosed wih diabetes. What can I expect,what are the risks?

Anthon A
As soon as i drink water i need to pee am i diabetic?

If you have increased the amount of fluid you drink, then you will pee more frequently and most likely with an hour after drinking.
If the climate has gotten cooler, then you will urinate more often and most likely within an hour after drinking.
If you have introduced alcohol in you diet, then you will urinate more frequently and most likely within an hour after drinking.
If you're a female and you are pregnant, then you will pee more often and a lot.

If you however have reason to believe that you're diabetic, then have a diagnostic test done.

Harry S
go to a doctor this is a major symptom of diabetes also any increased appetite may also be a sign but go to a doctor

Go see your doctor and let him diagnose --- that's what he is paid for.

Cocoa Flavoured Girl
Sounds more like a urinary Tract infection. See your doctor, he can diagnose either through a urine test.

karen h
No, not unless you are extremely thirsty, urinate alot and have blurred vision. See your doctor asap. You could have a urinary Tract infection.

go to doctor i drink water im fine i drink it every hour or so

Amber H
u might be but theres a whole lot of other things it could be. and maybe u just have it in your head that ur diabetic. ur probably not but u mine as well go to the doctor

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