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 How can I stop or reverse diabetic neueropathy?
as a diabetic of some 10 years I have more and more tingling and numbing of hands arms and ...

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I am 17 years old. I just was woken up because my right hand is numb and tingling,followed by my face and other hand. I havnt slept in almost 2 days though.So am i panicking for nothing? Or should i ...

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I heard that ;

There was a man who was inflicted with Diabetes and high Blood-pressure.

But as soon as he traveled (internationally), to another country for work purpose or a ...

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That is 9:00 am next day. Because the clinic opens during this hour....

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 I am a diabetic who was always health concious. Just?
before i was diagnosed i got a craving for sugar in the worst way and still do. My diabetis is being controlled by a very strict diet of , lean meats, lots of vegetables, and water, thats it. I do ...

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 How much does a diabetic have to eat so that there blood suger doesnt get too high/low?
do they have to eat a whole lot or can they eat a little? is just a pot pie ok or should they eat more?
Additional Details
i dont know if i have it and i havent been to the doc yet (...

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 Why would my blood sugar be 87 several hours after eating & before bed, but 101 in the morning??
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 Why do diabetics crash?
Im talking about type 2 diabetes here, what causes them to crash or have extremely low blood sugar?

With type II diabetes people usually have high blood sugar? Does something about the ...

 How close was I to diabetic coma? my blood sugar was 400.?
I was very sleepy. Dr told me to take more of my medicine and to go to the emergancy if I did not get better in one hour. I went home and went to sleep ( we were out running errunds, I had been ...

 Can you Please tell me everything you know about Type 2 Diabetes.???

 I need some tips on controlling my diabetes. right now i take 1-2 pills a day to control it.?

cheryle w
A name for thickening of the blood?
my mum has thickening of the blood a we cant rember the name its called, help

u mean bruney ruby or vietnam rose blood she had

I'm not sure but you may want to search the internet

Strictly speaking, there is no such term as blood thickening. There are a few disease states where the blood becomes more viscous than normal due to tumour cells producing proteins (as in Waldenstroms macroglobulinaemia & multiple myeloma syndromes). In any condition where there is loss of fluid from the body (hypovolemia) like protracted diarrhoea, vomiting, burns, haemorrhage etc, there is a shift of fluid and the blood becomes apparently thick. Also, in a condition called thrombocytosis (an increase in a type of blood cells called platelets), there is a tendency of blood to form clots within blood vessels (thrombosis). You need to discuss with your doctor and find out exactly what the problem is.

The coagulation of blood is a complex process during which blood thickens and also forms solid clots. This can completely block the arteries. This stops the flow of blood to the heart muscle. ... Hard plaque causes the artery walls to thicken and harden. These can be symptoms of coronary heart disease. I will keep you in my prayers.

Dorothy and Toto


Thickening of the blood can be due to several factors including fibrinogen (the protein which causes clotting and protects us from bleeding to death in the case of a cut), too much of cholesterol (hyperlipidemia), high levels of triglcerides (another form of fat) etc. What is more important is to know what is causing the thickening of blood and the treatment being given.

Treatment is important to prevent problems of heart and strokes etc.


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