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A medicine that makes you sick if you drink alcohol?
I am a person who thinks he is a borderline alcoholic and have learned of a product that I can take to make an abuser feel very ill if alcohol is introduced into the system. Does anyone know the name of the product and if I need a prescription. Thank you in advance


is this to help you quit alcohol wow they have this

Most alcoholics get miserable when they stop drinking. If you are a real alcoholic you might want to try AA. If you can do it on your own power than you not an alcoholic

I'm not sure if you mean Antabuse or not... but that's not something they hand out lightly, not likely for a 'borderline' alcoholic.

What I would suggest, is Campral. It's a newer drug that is supposed to work on the cravings and desires to drink, it's supposed to make you not want to drink.

At least, that's how it was described to me anyhow, my mom was given a sample of it, and this is what she told me. I know that she wasnt able to stay on it very long, but she's also a heavier alcoholic... and definitely wouldn't consider herself to be 'borderline.'

Good Luck.

It's called Antabuse. If you take it, and you drink, you will be violently sick. I saw a patient react to it after drinking and she was down for a few days. Yes, you need a prescription. If you go to your doctor and request Antabuse, they might recommend more comprehensive treatment, like counseling and/or AA. It's really tough to get sober from Antabuse alone; people may go off it if they really want to drink. Which, of course, if you're an alcoholic, you probably will want to do eventually.

baja QT
anabuse, you have to get this from the doctor, it will make you dealthy ill if you drink, join a AA group and get some support.
Good for you taking the steps to fix this horrible problem
God Bless You!!

Mr. Peachy®
I was where you are about 4 years ago. It's good that you are aware of the problem and are trying to do something about it. I'm not a big believer in drugs to cure a mental disorder (sorry, but drinking is a mental disorder), so I'm going to recommend something far more effective... mood therapy or cognitive therapy. Chances are, there's a reason behind the drinking, and it will only get worse if the reason isn't addressed. Once I mastered cognitive therapy, the desire to drink vanished. Get this book: "The Feeling Good Handbook" by David Burns, MD. It can be a life saver... it definitely saved mine.

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