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227 blood sugar reading, good or bad?
im not diagnosed with diabetes or anything. i have the symptoms. im trying to figure out where my blood sugar should be. this reading is over 4 hours after eating.

um..... "good"

Too High!!!!!

Joy Melaine O
that is very bad it should only be <140 after you eat

You have diabetes i suggest you get to the ER before you go into ketoacidosis.

Prairie Girl
You should test 2 hours after a meal. Under 140 is considered tight control. Under 175 is acceptable control.
227, 4 hours after eating is quite high. Good luck.

Jay S
This is an extremly high blood sugar reading. Normal readings are 115 to 120. You should be checked for diabetes.

Tyson boy's dad
TheTwo answers were correct.

Very bad! If it's over 4 hours after eating when it's that high then you need to see your doctor...and SOON!!! 70-100 is normal.

Bad. Normal blood sugar is aprox. 70-110mg/dl.

Laura H
2 hours after you eat even without being diabetic, should be 180 or less. You have to be extremely careful with how much foods you are eating. If you have the symptoms, then my best advice to you is to go to your doctor and tell him what your blood sugar is doing. Start keeping a journal of the times that you check it, food intake and the times that you eat your food and the amounts of food that you ate.
You need to get check. There are millions of folks that are walking around with this disease and do not know that they have it. You need to do this for yourself. I do not like having this disease, but I have learned to live with it and handle it as a condition that I am able to control and handle with the help of friends and family.
You can do it to.

You need to see a doctor, this is an abnormally high blood sugar.

Unfortunately, a blood sugar reading of 227 mg/dL is way too high. (For you people outside of the United States, that's 12.6 mmol/L)

What you must ensure is that you had clean hands when testing your blood as foodstuffs, or drinks, can give an elevated reading.

It looks like a trip to see the doctor is overdue, but do recheck your blood sugar again after ensuring that you're testing on clean hands.

If I understand you correctly, you measured you blood sugar 4 hours AFTER eating and it's 227? That' s bad. Should be between 70-120 1-2 hours after eating.

If I misunderstood and you literally just ate a few minutes /1/2 hour ago, then the level is ok. But you should check about 2 hours after your meal to see if you are back to the normal 70-120 range.

Good luck!

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