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 What kind of candies can i eat when i have diabetes?

 My father has type 2 diabetes and i always found him secretly eating (sweets and chocolate), what can i do?
I think the question speaks for itself. I don't want to speak behind my dad's back about this habit and i have the feeling that he dislike this situation but i often catch him as he "...

 Is there is any permanent cure for Diabetics, or when it will be found by the researchers?
Presently there is alopathy, ayurvedic, siddah and many branches of cure for diabetics. But it appears all these forms are only controlling and not eliminating the deficiency. Is there any ...

 How do people with high diabetes feel?
my blood sugar sometimes run 265and ...

 Is it possible for a person to live without a pancreas?
such as a juvanile diabetic that has a pancreas that is going bad....

 A diabetic-Should i marry?
I and my brother are recently-detected(an yr ago) diabetics, we might have been suffering from the desease for far long. Our organs and their functions are found fit, but the level of sugar is not ...

 If iam diabetic and do not have a meter if iam feeling shaky is my sugar low or high?

 When your sugars are high is it normal?
to sweat. i have searched diabetes u.k for info on symptoms of high blood sugar. and unless i missed it there is no mention of getting hot and sweaty.
so do you sweat what symptoms if any do you ...

 Took son in for thrush & Dr. brought up diabetes, my g-dad died from, i was checked for gesta., is it same?

Additional Details
His thrush was extreme and my grandfather had type 1, the Dr, asked becasue I also get a lot of yeast, but wash with soap alot so as not to ...

 What drinks can dibetics for dehydration?
please help asap when drink can get diabetics drink for ...

 Glucose fasting test required - does this mean I am diabetic?
I wake up very thirsty, feel tired most of the time are these typical diabetic symptoms. Having a fasting test done next week. Many thanks and have a great day....

 I need a good sugar substitute without using Aspertame?
Does anyone know a good sugar substitute for a diabetic who wants to get away from using Aspertame? I read a report on using Aspertame and it's side affects. I already have several of these ...

 My blood test shows hemoglobin is 8.8 below minimum. how i improve that?

 For all the diabetics......?
when you were diagnosed with diabetes what was your blood sugar at and how many years have you had diabetes? (my bs was 630 and i have had it for 3 years)...

 When to call the doctor with high blood sugar?
Hi, I am 27 type 1 diabetic for almost 10 yrs. I have not had a problem with high blood sugar levels for 8 yrs or so. I think I am having that probelm today. Woke up this morning had a reading of 3...

 Do you only get diabetes symptoms when your glucose is high?
im pretty sure i have diabtes, becus of the dry mouth n frequent urination, but i wanted to know if those symptoms rise as your glucose rises, and if my glucose becomes normal, will the dry mouth ...

 How many of you wear a med alert bracelet or necklace because of diabeties?
my stepmom keeps getting on my case about wearing a med alert necklace or bracelet. she is a rn and is always giving me advice. do you think its really necessary? how many of you out there wear one ...

 Is there any medication you can take to make you have an appetite ?
I have almost lost my appetite completely and find it very hard to ...

 Is diabetes that bad?
I am Pre-Diabetic and many people make it out to be horrible,but others say it's not that bad.
In case i do get it.I just need to know what to expect.Help?...

 Rice for diabetics?
hi i would like to ask if there are any kinds of rice where diabetics type II can eat? like wheat, or what else?
thank ...

Ann M
0.5mg is half of 1 mg what is .25 mgs?


it is half of .5mg

1/4 mg

0.25 mg is 1/4 of a mg.


Len G
It would be 1/4. If you take a pizza and cut it in four equal parts, one part would be .25 of the whole.

Lola Belle
a quarter of a miligram

1/4 of 1 mg


1/4th of a ml, that was easy, next question?

The measurements are written thus, and mean -
1·0 mg = 1 mg
0·75 mg = 3/4 mg
0·5 mg = 1/2 mg
0·25 mg = 1/4 mg
Measurements then progress downwards to, for example, 1 mg = 1,000 mcgs. etc.
Hope this helps
matador 89

a quarter of a miligram
but one thing i cant understand that the relation ship of diabetes

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