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deborah c
Will the dentist give me a general anasthetic 2 take a bad tooth out?
i av a major phobia about dentists,which stems from wen i was a child.i am absolutely terrified.i now have awful toothache and need to go but am 2 scared.if i knew the dentist was going to knock me out,then getting through the door of the surgery would be easier.am even 2 scared 2 fone and ask them!please help???

No, they are not certified anestheseologists. They can only give you a local anasthetic. Don't worry though, the ones they have today are brilliant...you won't feel a thing.

No they don't give a general anesthetic just to pull out one tooth. They will just give you a few needles (they look bigger and scarier than they really are!) and you really don't feel anything at all. You will feel a fair bit of pressure (no, it won't hurt at all) on your teeth and gums but it won't hurt.

I had a dead nerve in one of my teeth and I had a horrible toothache for over a week because I was too scared to go to the dentist; my dad finally told me it won't hurt and it will be quick. It didn't hurt at all but it certainly didn't take the 15 minutes I though it would as my tooth was VERY stubborn and wouldn't come out whole.

If you had to get all or most of your teeth taken out, they would probably give you a general anesthetic, otherwise, just a local.
*It might hurt a bit after few hours after the anesthetic has worn out but a pain killer will do the trick.

Im terrified of the dentist from a child and when i had to have some teeth out i was terrified of the pain and they gave me general anasthetic and it didnt seem to help and i couldnt cope with the pain so they passed me on to a painless dentist in luton which specialises in phobias and they put you to sleep and i didnt feel a thing and i found it very helpful. if you doctor doesnt refer you you can call them and make a appointment the website is www.painless-dentist.co.uk i hope this helps

Its extremely unlikely, because the risk to you is quite high.
You might not wake up again, or have damage.

But the modern Anesthetics are brilliant, I had a lot of work done
(10 out) and each time never had any pain as bad as a toothache. I didnt go for 34 years.

I ended up with a horrendous abscess under one of my teeth - so bad I was hospitalised with it, and ended up on intravenous antibiotics. Don't allow your tooth to get to that state. It's not worth it. I had to have the tooth out and it was done under local anaesthetic. I too was terrified - I had never had a tooth removed before, but I listened to relaxing music on my MP3 player - and the dentist and dental nurse were so patient and kind. The dental nurse held my hand and and the dentist talked me through the process. It's fear of the unknown which is so terrifying. I didn't feel anything but a tug - no pain - and then absolute relief! The dentist will give you as much pain relief as you need - don't be scared to ask for it. Be brave. You'll be fine!

sue m
Probably a local one that just numbs your mouth

sometimes they do especially on cases like you who have a phobia.

Yes. Check for where, in your area, the dentist that will administer general is. But most important after locating him you must pick up the phone and call him.If you're finding even that too difficult to do, ask a GOOD FRIEND to help you.

Susie Drew
A general anaesthetic poses dangers of its own and should be avoided unless really needed. Straight forward tooth extraction certainly does not merit a general anaesthetic. You would need to be in hospital! Please try not to worry the local injections are so effective, you will be fine...take a pal along with you for moral support. Dentists are good people, you must care for your teeth/your smile! Good luck!

I am sorry for your fears.

Please phone the dentist's receptionist and tell her about your fears. There are several ways dentists can use anaesthetics. I think they CAN use a general anaesthetic if necessary, but there is also 'laughing gas', and also a numbing liquid can be rubbed on the gum before the syringe would be used.

Ask G-d for courage and make that call. It's too painful otherwise.


Big Jay 7
You Dentist can give you some Valium it will help easy the stress, just ask your Dentist. you will be awake but you won't care as much..

If you're really scared, tell your dentist this. They understand and are able to sedate you while they carry out the work. With sedation it is like being between awake and asleep, you don't really know what's going on and you feel very relaxed. I was sedated when I got my wisdom teeth out and it was great! Good luck.

You'd be safer at a hospital if you want a gen anesthetic, ask if you can be refered!

Of course he will, but it will be a local anaesthetic which is
recommended and you will feel no pain. As mentioned above,
he can‘t give you a general unless he is qualified.

I had a wisdom tooth taken out and I was terrified. I just had a local freezing....it was over before I knew it.... The local freezing they have now adays are so powerful, it's not worth the risk of being knocked out completely...Remember general anaesthetics always carry a huge risk with them. My mom's older friend didn't want to be knocked out completely for her hip replacement, so they just gave her a local....She was awake for the whole hip replacement surgery.....Don't worry...You'll be amazed how simple and painless it'll be.

Go to an oral surgeon and ordinary dentist without extra training will give injection or nitrous oxide.

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