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Will my cavities get worse or stay same?
i have a few small cavaties i have a dentist appointment (not til aug) now if i brush, floss, & use listerine mouth wash. Can this help prevent the cavaties from getting worse than they are? or will they still get worse anyways?
thank you
Additional Details
i have to wait til aug b/c i have no insurance, & the only place that will help me in my state is my local hospital & they are booked til aug (they also have a slideing scale) no one will help unless i have all the money upfront & i dont have money right now.

they will get bigger at a smaller rate no matter what you are doing. I would suggest that you get them filled at another place soon if you can't get an appt. with your regular dentist.

Anthony B
taking good care of your teeth will mean that the cavities will be delayed from getting worse but they still will get worse eventually. To delay the process even more keep off soft drink, lollies and sugary foods brush after every meal and drink . Have a healthy diet.

However having said this i suggest you make an appointment for a filling asap as the worse they get the more painful the filling will be.

It depends how big the cavity is and whether or not it has penetrated into dentin. If you can see the cavity with your eye, it's more than likely too big and will just get worse. There's no way for you to get it out at home and even brushing/flossing 100 times a day won't help.

However, if it is just an incipient cavity that is only in enamel, you can try to remineralize the enamel with Fluoride treatment such as ACT mouthrinse. Fluoride will combine with Calcium and phosphate in your saliva to reform the hydroxyapatite crystals that make up your teeth. The remineralized tooth structure will actually be stronger because Fluoride has been incorporated. One drawback though is that the remineralized enamel is not especially white or shiny, it may have a dull brownish color to it.

Depnding on their size, they can get better. But thats if they are only just beginning. the most you can do is slow the process so they don't really get any worse.. And thats with a lot of brushing and hard work every day until your appointment.

Dairy products can help re-calcify your teeth.

They can get worse.

Worse. You need to go sooner and get them taken care of. I did the same thing that you're doing and I almost had to have a root canal because they got so bad.

Texas Cowboy
worse always

balloon knot
get them filled now before they reach the nerve and you need a root cacal

Call your dentist's office and his assistant who answers the phone will be able to help you.

My sister had the same problem. They were really small, and weren't even hurting her. Our dentist told her that if she brushed, flossed, and used Listerine daily, that would prevent them from getting worse. I guess it really depends on how far along and how worse yours are, but I would say that if you do what you're planning on doing, then there's a good chance that you won't have any problems or fillings later on. Good luck!

they will get worse but if you are seeing a dentist in aug. and are experienceing pain now you should see if you can get your app. bumped up sooner.

Taking optimal care of the teeth will delay the cavities progression, but the bottom line is they will continue to grow until filled.

Alex MacGregor
They will continue to grow until eventually they reach the soft, living dentine inside the tooth. This sets off toothache and the nasty infections like abcesses. If left the rot will kill the tooth and the root. Eventually you will need a full root canal treatment (very painful and expensive) or the teeth will fall out. Eventually the disease could enter the jaw bone and cause all sorts of trouble including gum disease and the loss of all your teeth.

Keeping your teeth clean, avoiding sugary foods and drinks and using floss and mouth wash will help prevent cavities in the first place. Best to see if you can get an appointment as soon as possible, your dentist might have a cancellation you can take.

Trust me you don't want root canals, replacement teeth or even false ones.

first why do you have to wait 3 months to get in for a cavity? second, avoid pop and chewy candy, yes, brush and floss and use listerine.

It can help but untreated it will get worse

Nebula D
I am a dentist.

They will likely get worse. VERY IMPORTANT: Just because you cannot see a large cavity on your tooth does not mean that the decay has not progressed.

A little lesson on dental caries (i.e. cavities):

Your teeth consist of four basic components: 1. pulp (i.e. nerves, arteries, veins, lymphatic tissues, connective tissue, etc.), 2. dentin, which comprises the bulk and the basic shape of the entire tooth, 3. cementum, which lines the root of the tooth, and 4. enamel, which is the part of the tooth you can see in your mouth. Think of your tooth as a dentin pole. The part stuck in the bone is covered with cementum. The part sticking above your gums is covered with enamel. Enamel is the hardest substance in the human body, and is about 96% mineral in structure.

Various bacterial live on your teeth. They form what's called a biofilm, consisting of bacteria and supporting structures that help them remain on your teeth. These bacteria feed off of sugars you consume. One of the products of their metabolism is lactic acid. Acids destroy tooth structure, even the hard, outer enamel surface on your tooth. (This is not their intent, rather, it is just a very negative side-effect of their existence.)

As the acid destroyes enough enamel to reach the dentin beneath, decay can spread more rapidly. Once through the enamel, decay will follow the path of least resistance, which is through the dentin rather than the enamel. The bacterial now residing on the surface of your dentin need only a small hole in the top of the tooth for nutrients to reach them and sustain them. Furthermore, your toothbrush can never reach these bacteria, because they are protected from brushing by your enamel!

Very frequently I treat large cavities that were hardly visible from the outside of the tooth. Of course, such cavities are readily seen on an x-ray. All the more reason for you to get regular dental check-ups.

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