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 A question was posted recently?
regarding the shortage of dentist in the UK that dealt with NHS patients, one or two answers -disputed- that shortage, and advised people to ring NHS Direct, where they would be accomodated,
If ...

 Tooth help please?
the only reason i have not been to the dentist is because i don't want to appear like a hysterical mother and last time i called about a problem i was made to feel like this. i am hoping someone ...

 Does removal of filling hurt?
I had two small cavities in my left back bottom teeth.

The dentist filled it up or w/e

Then I had pain in those two teeth whenever I ate something cold,sweet,or juicy.


 How can I get my husband to go to the dentist?
He needs to go badly, I don't even like to kiss him anymore. I keep asking him and he says yes he needs to go but doesn't make an appointment. He won't let me make one for him....

 Is swallowing toothpaste harmful?

 Do you go every 6 months to the dentists for a check up?
I know that it is difficult for some with the shortage of NHS dentists so if you do have 1 do you go for your check up or wait till you have to go, thank you....

 I'm getting braces in two hours, and I am a bit nervous, please help.?


 Does your face get puffy when your wisdom teeth are coming in?
My wisdom teeth are coming in and my face looks fuller. I hate it. Is this normal?...

 I have very crooked teeth and it makes me feel like sh*t?
It bothers me when people only stare at my teeth when i talk to them... And a lot of the times, it's like people can't take me sriously. I'm 15 and really, if my teeth were in place, i&...

 Do it hurt real bad to get braces?

 Does getting your teeth pulled out hurt?
hey im 14 and i have to get 4 teeth pulled out for braces and im scared to death should i be? or is there nothing to worry about ? i think im gonna die!!!!!!...

 Have you ever had a General Anaesthetic?
i got to have a couple of wisdom teeth out on tuesday and but am frightened of being put to sleep. but i got to have it done because am in so much pain most of the time......

 Why does a toothache always hurt more at night?

 HElp with wisdom teeth?
i asked this question before but it didnt make sense so im asking it again.

i have these two white bumps under my tounge where my gums are what are they could it be my wisdom teeth?

 Anybody here have or had dental braces? If so how old were you when you had them removed?
And are your braces metal or white?...

 Any ways to make teeth look white fast?

 Iam suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding) from past 5 years. How can I get rid of it?

 Orthodontic question.?
I had my braces removed in January and my ortho gradually decreased the time in my retainers. I have now been discharged but he told me to wear my retainers once or twice a week if i want to keep ...

 Dentist This Afternoon-I Swallowed The Cleaning Head (This Is Not A Joke)?
This afternoon I had to go to dentist for my 6 mnthly check.
After removing the tartar he was polishing my teeth. Anyhow I started to cough and I could feel something on my tongue but it was ...

Will most dentist knock you out completely if you ask them to?
I am so afraid of the dentist that when I get in the chair I back out and leave. Now my teeth are getting really bad and I need to get them fixed but I am to afraid to go tto the dentist. What should I do?
Additional Details
I have to get some cut out so I am most likely going to a dental surgeon.

You mean Conscious Sedation you go out like a light but not heavy as the anesthesas used in hospitals for major urgeries because your airway is not closed. Look for sedation dentistry in the phone book under dentists.

Ask for nitrous oxide "laughing gas" - this helps the nerves.

They'll give you something to relax, let him know how scared you are.

Probably not.. yould have to find someone that does general anestesia for one and well thats dangerous (and expensive) if you dont need it, and I cant think of many dental proceedures that would need it... Personally I dont even like novacain if I can get way with out it (I've had some fillings done with out it before)
But thats (novacain) always been good enough for me.. but i will take the laughing gas.. just cuz i like the laughing gas LOL

I'm a bad one to ask.. dentists dont freak me out at all.. I'm more annoyed by the time it takes to get something done.. I dont sit still well hahaha...

Having to see an oral surgeon for extractions may not be necessary. Maybe you should try talking to an office that will premedicate you with a sedative and offer N20 through out the procedure. Most Dentist do this now and the staff are all very understanding. We see probably 4 patients like this every week. The premedication works well and after awhile a lot of patients don't need it any longer. It's a matter of trust and understanding, you have to have both in the dentist as well as he with you. Hope I've been of some help. Good luck!

No, not all dentists do that. Some will give you a little pill that will knock you out, but be careful...that aspect is attractive, but they might not be a very good dentist. Have you tried Valium instead? If you see a dentist for an eval, they might be willing to prescribe that for you. Otherwise, look for a reputable dentist that advertises 'sedation dentistry'...they'll knock you out.

No, most dentists are not equipped to "knock you out completely". There are, however dentists that will do mild sedation. Talk to yours to see if he or she does this or find one that does.

Sal C.
It depends on what you are getting done on your teeth. Technically they are supposed to numb you or give you something if you will be experiencing pain. Usually they will do it if you ask them to. Dont be afraid, i have never had any problems with the dentist. :D

Dentist will have a reason to knock you out if it is needed. Don't be afraid. Things will just get worse if you don't face them. It's ok if you have to be knocked out. I k now it looks bad, but it doesn't hurt at all, because when they knock you out it works right away. So don't be afraid, and face your fears! : )

Gypsy Gal

Let me rephrase your question: Will the dentist knock you out completely if your INSURANCE WILL PAY FOR IT?

You need to find a dentist who has office staff certified in sedation dentistry. Basically either dentist or assistant must have certification to use sedation. Many will employ a nurse anesthetist.
You have to find a dentist who offers sedation dentistry and search for that term.
I used to be terrified of the dentist til I had my first child- then I just did Lamaze breathing when I was in the chair.
Good luck.

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