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i am getting braces within the next month....i have heard alot of people say they hurt, but my friends say they don't......what's your opinion, do they hurt?...

 How come when i brush my teeth they bleed alot?
everytime i brush my teeth they bleed alot sometimes i will be watching tv and i will taste blood in my mouth and its one of my teeth bleeding whats wrong are you supposed to bleed ...

I have the worst toothache ever!! it hurts so bad!! Ive tried everything tylenol, salt water rinses, orajel, nothing works!!
i couldnt call the dentist today cause their closed but im calling ...

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 I'm i pain... i just got braces..... how or what will make the pain go down....?

 What kind of people bite thier nails??
Or what makes them??...

 How do i tell my boyfriend he has bad breath without embarrassing him ?

Additional Details
brushing does not help much..so i think it's a dental/ oral issue....

 Whats the best teeth whitening product?
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 Does biting nails help cause bad breath?
I mean if you do it ...


 How do you know if you have bad breath?

 11 year old daughter, is having 2 teeth out tomorrow.(for braces) She's scared, and refusing to go.! PLZ HELP
She is terriffed about having 2 adult teeth out. In tears, and refusing to go.

I've told her that, Only the injections will hurt a little. I'll be with her. And it will be over ...

 Please tell how get rid of the garlic breath i have?
oh God and the best part is that i have to sing in the choir and i don't want anyone looking at me with faces

plase give me asolution for garlic breath god it was the soup!!!...

 My son's dentist is telling me that my son needs a brace in his mouth?
to go along with the braces because he has an over bite. A friend tells me this is a scam to get an extra $1,000. Shouln't braces correct an overbite or should I pay for this jaw brace also?...

 Can you brush your teeth if you have braces?

 What are the foods that cause teeth staining?
I'm going to get my teeth professionally whitened soon and knowing that whitening isn't permanent, what are the foods and drinks I should avoid to make the whitening last longer.


 I havent had my ROOT canal yet....what can happen???
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 I'm getting braces because of a overbite, will they make my life misrable or will I get usted to it?
Awnswer these Q's please

1.rate on a scale to 1-10 what pain braces are

2. will I get used to them or is my life going to be hell?

Thank You!
Additional D...

 Braces. pain. makeout. help please.?
im getting my braces on friday and im going to the movies on sunday. will i be able to makeout still? will it hurt. is there anything i can do?...

 Braces color?
I am going to the orthodontist next week and I want to change my colors I have had purple the hole time I have had brasses and I want to get something new for the school in 2 weeks what color should I...

Why would my gums bleed so much?
My gums on the back are bleeding, they have been bleeding for a few days now, and a lot. It doesnt hurt a lot just feels sore, I dont know why. What would cause that? Its on the back right by my molar.

Not sure? Go to a dentist for the answer, it could be a number of things. Maybe something is stuck in your gums!

sounds like your gums could be infected...dont wait on this go to the dentist you dont want the infection to spread if this is what it is...gingivitis

you probly need to brush them more.
thats what my dentist sayd.

Haley M
not brushing enough

That's because u don't get enough vitamins. You should eat stuff with plenty of vitamins to cure it.

Do you brush your teeth often? INFUKTION ???

Chase L
OK,first do you brush you teeth too hard?,or maybe you got a chip or sum thing in it poking it making it bleed ,just try to brush the area where it's bleeding and see if it will stop and if not put a tissue on it then take it off then see if it stopped and if not go see a dentist or doctor : ]

Infection? My teeth used to bleed when I brushed my teeth. I got a softer brush and its much better. If you think it's that, get a better brush.

Brad M
Try gargling with a mix of 1/2 Hydrogen Peroxide and 1/2 water (DO NOT SWALLOW) to kill some of the germs. If it foams a lot in your mouth, that means it is working and you likely have some form of gum disease that is treatable. You can buy Hydrogen Peroxide at Walgreen's for about one dollar a bottle.

anand s
gum bleeding is caused by the condition called gum inflammation and perodontisis. In order to prevent gum bleeding therefore, prevention of accumulation of plaque in the gums that is the surest way of doing it. Plaque can generally be prevented by regular brushing of teeth by use of toothbrushes modified to penetrate in depth between the root of the teeth and the gum. After brushing, flossing the mouth by use of warm salty water is good to adequately remove the fragmented plaque.

Maybe, you have oulites. Its a disease. Does it bleed when you brush your teeth? If it does then you should probably check it out with your dentist. Go for it!

The Unseen Shadow
wisdom teeth, or maybe you have Scurvy? Have you been eating vegetables lately?
Anyway, see a doctor or dentist.

You have periodontitis the faster you get it handled the less damage is done, the longer you wait the more.

go to your dentist, have your gums treated, keep good dental hygiene after that. a good sonic toothbrush will help you maintain good dental hygiene, so get one of those. they don't cost much these days. FLOSS, FLOSS, FLOSS!!!!!

Lee Lee
you have gum disease
go see a doctor

Maybe wisdom teeth?

could be your wisdom teeth coming in or it could be a sign of gingervitis either way you should go see a dentist to be on the safe side..

Nick T
My mother is a dentist so I should know this. If you are reaching the age of wisdom teeth, then you should go to your local dentist to check up on them, any other reason for this is that you are messing with them too much or you need to brush more or floss more.

Hope I could help:)
nick tesfont

how old are you it could possibly be your wisdom teeth...

wisdom teeth or tooth pressure


Being a dental hygienist I find it very sad that only one person could tell you the correct answer. Congratulations LeeLee!!

You have gum disease, and it likely has NOTHING to do with your brushing skills and certainly nothing to do with your wisdom teeth. You need to FLOSS more!! Many people with good brushing skills are not flossing enough to keep their gums healthy. You brush your TEETH. You floss your GUMS.

See your hygienist for a flossing demo to make sure you are doing it effectively. Sounds like simple gum disease, but its important to get it healthy ASAP because the disease can progress and become Periodontitis. This is a much more serious condition which causes bone and tooth loss, and many other health problems. Good luck!

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