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 When a dentist says he or she "is leaving the practice," what does that mean?
I am a current patient in one dental office where I had two dentists assigned to me in a three year span. The first one (a woman) did my teeth for two years and told me that she was "leaving ...

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Can i use hydrogen peroxide?...

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 Will the dentist shout at me?
I haven't been to the dentist for 10 years. Now my teeth are really bad and I'm scared the dentist will give me a big lecture and shout at me for not going sooner.

I've got ...

 Im 13, but have started to get yellow stains on my teeth!!?
omg! im really scared!!! Im only 13 years old,but i have yellow stains on my teeth! i do brush them properly and i always avoid fizzy drinks and sugary stuff.
I cant whiten them as i have a ...

 I have an overbite?
apparently i have an overbite and have to go to the orthodontist. but before i go im curious as to what i'm in for.

so, how to they fix an overbite? will i have to have major ...

 Did You Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed??
I'm teething lol and I've heard that many people have their wisdom teeth removed, but I don't see why its neccessary....also when your wisdom teeth come through does it put some of ...

 I havn't brushed my teeth in over 2 months!?
I said over 2 months, because I can't even remember when I last brushed my teeth!

And... my teeth are fine! Little bit yellow, bit smelly breath but thats all!

Surely my ...

 How did people clean there teeth before toothbrushes and toothpaste was invented?

 Help me please!!!?
last night while reading through some answers, my tooth suddenly started to ache, i immediately took 2 paracetomol but it continued to get worse and worse, the pain was soooo intense, my whole body ...

 What is the best short term cure for toothache?ive gotta wait 2 weeks for a dentist appointment!please help?

 Are braces worth it?
Well I have a gap in my teeth and it realy bugs me!! I would be able to afford them it is no money question but is it worth it. People say to get them between 7 and 12 and i am 14. Is it worth it? Or ...

 Which toothpaste do you use? Be specific.?

 Should i use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to brush my teeth?
they are in good health just so they can be ...

 Does anyone know how to stop or ease toothache its driving me mad.?

 Do i need to get ny wisdom teeth removed?

 How often should one brush their teeth?

 I brush my teeth after every meal or twice a day for more than a year. why are my teeth still yellowish.?
i probably got them yellow from smoking cigarettes when i was young. do i have to get my teeth whitened now? how much do they charge?...

 Does a dentist's needle hurt?

izzy right
Why do they call it a toothbrush ... if we have many teeth ????
should it be teeth brush?

the teeth are many =the toothbrush is only one thing

The inventor was probably from Tennessee, and if it WAS invented somewhere else it would be called the 'teethbrush'

You brush one at a time, especially if you are from the South,,

Todd C

The Girl
it brushes each tooth.. simple as that

mf east
If it bothers you so, just say you're "going to do some teeth brushing"

the end.

cause the person that invented it was lazy and didn't want to spend anymore time thinking

You are quite right - it needs to be a teethbrush!

some ******
becuase you dont brush everysingle tooth in one stroke...

who the **** cares

lol, nice question. Well...don't know. Maybe the guy who invented it only had one tooth!!

Why do we say "a PAIR of pantS?"
Wouldn't that mean we have 2 of them.
And if we have only one, should it be pant.
We don't say we have a pair of shirts unless we mean two shirts, right?

"What are you wearing"

"A pair of pants and a shirt"

"Why are you wearing two?"

Matt D
It if makes you feel better to call it a teeth brush, go for it. Be happy!

probably because by the time it got so bad they invented one they only had one tooth. lol

it's a toothbrush because you only have one mouth and one brush. many things are singular will they are not it's just what they are named by the inventor. then why is your name????. think if it. do you think that teethbrush sounds batter. i don't think so.

I think the inventor was from Arkansas

Ok, wait one friggin minute!! All u people making jokes about the south can kiss my ***. I'm from Georgia and proud of it. (And i have a 4.0 GPA and more than one tooth, thank u very much =) ) Oh, and teethbrush just sounds like some kind of underwater plant, not a tool used for oral hygeine, but call it whatever makes u happy. As long as it gets ur teeth clean, who cares, right?

honestly does teeth brush sound alot better?

Hmm... Good question. Maybe it's because you're supposed to brush each tooth individually.

just another girl
does teethbrush sound good?

sounds better??

idk i guess it just sounds better

Johnny B
Teeth is the adjective word.
Perhaps teething brush.

justmin r
they said it is call toothbrush because .......................................
maybe its just the way that they want it 2 be*/\_/*

no...coz it should be singular.. like "foot spa".. right?

vinayak g
When I point at an object I say that is match box. Though it contains more than one match stick. It refers to particular object and therefore it is toothbrush.

Sox=2005 champs Cubs=hmm when?

In the old days hygiene wasn't a big factor. You were lucky if you had one tooth.

Why do we drive on a Park way and park in a Driveway?

So you don't confuse it with your toilet brush.

If you were going to go as far as to call it "Teeth brush" - You'd have to change it to "Teeth Brushes" like Plural-Plural...I guess the singular for makes for better maketing. But don't worry your mind with such questions...just use your tooth brush and know that you'll have a better smile for it...whether it be singular or plural.

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