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Why do so many British people seem to have such bad teeth? It's true about a British Smile, but why?

They used to say it was from too much candy but I believe it is from having no Fluoride in the water plus poor dental care. It could also be from their socialized medicine program or lack of thereof.

Because we aren't vain 'plastic' people like you Yanks. We appriciate that beauty is more than skin deep . Plus most British people do have good teeth that are their own not the fake crowns, veneers , bridges and implants that you Yanks have, they don't even count as you're own teeth!!!

it sooo not true, m British and have perfect teeth, and i have never had to have anything done to them

Catherine C
The same way that all Americans are obese!

Dr. H
And plenty of US southerners don't have all their teeth but that doesn't represent the oral healthcare of all Americans. So not all British people have bad teeth.

Mizz B
I haven't got bad teeth... everyone tells me how nice my teeth are thanks!! I haven't heard anything about the 'british smile'.... enlighten me?

I haven't got bad teeth !!! however its probably because the dental service is crap... takes ages to get an appointment, then they shove a list in front of you , of what you can and cannot get through NHS ..... which is not much, they should just make us all private and be done with it, another 10 years and there won't be a NHS.

I dob't thanks, my dentist says they are the best set he's ever seen - ding!

i haven't got bad teeth

Actualy, being half English myself. Ive noticed a tremendous improvement in dental health overall in the UK, and that kinda goes for the rest of europe as well. And I believe its due to such a premium being put on ones looks which to a degree, are very important. In the many trips I took to the UK in the 70's it was kind of a problem then, but not that ive noticed the last time I went. 5 years or so ago.

budding author
The British dental system is in complete disarray and has been for a very long time, waiting lists for dental treatment on the NHS are getting longer, in fact very few NHS dentists still practise! Hence the bad teeth, (that is bad teeth if you cant afford to go 'private)!
The same applies to the British NHS hospital services, waiting lists seem to be getting longer, if you can afford to go 'private' you will soon be sorted!
The NHS was something to be proud of at one time, now is not a time time to be proud, no matter how much money is thrown at the problem , the problem remains!
The British actually spend a large portion of their income on 'National Insurance' almost all just going down the drain, the whole system is in a mess!!
Who to blame?? thats another question!!

I'am sure we are all as bad as each other regarding dental health, we British are no worse than anywhere else


My teeth aren`t bad....most actors etc have veneers and teeth so bright they don`t need lights on at night!

mark p
your right

Alfred E. Newman
i dont have bad teeth but i suppose one point is that there are a shortage of national health dentists.

Because all of the NHS dentists have gone private, or are not taking on any new patients, and the private dentists are inordinately expensive. And as a nation, we generally do not have as much discretionary income as those of you in the USA, so we only pay out for dental care when it is essential.... ie, when it hurts too much to bear!

cos we're grimy little gits who dont brush twice daily - some people dont even brush on a daily basis.
And we eat loads of sugarry crap.
All self-inflicted

many NHS dentists undertook shoddy work in the 80's-90's(removing teeth and not bracing teeth afterwards), they did this to me and numerous others - I have since had their crap work fixed, at cost...

Because when god created the world , he created them to be lazy enough not to brush.

Charlie Brigante
Because we eat *hit. Our diets consist of lots of sugar which rots our teeth, tea and coffee - which stains them and not to mention all the other saturated fats and all which ruin our health generally. As a nation, we REALLY need to address our eating habits QUICKLY.

Your question gives you away as an American, as only Americans seem to perpetuate this myth.

The British don't have bad teeth. They have Normal natural teeth.
Their teeth are no worse than most other nations.

It's American people who have abnormal teeth.
All surgically enhanced. Straightenned, aligned, bleached, scrubbed, unnatural looking. Every smile looks exactly the same.
How shallow, superficial, and artificial.
Sad really.

Uhhhh I am British and I have a great set of pearlies......why are all Americans fat???

This is ridiculous. The British have no worse teeth than anywhere else.

Because they are not obsessed with 'sameyness' like the yanks are -
So what if your teeth are crooked? If they are clean and can bite that's what they were intended for:
Comments about obesity here are perfectly fair - why do yanks seem to think that it's fine to be a great heap of blubber with great pearlies and a small IQ?

And why are so many Americans Fat "Jabbas"?

Emma W
It is completely false.
Its like saying all americans are fat.
You shouldn't assume its true just cos you saw it in a movie once.
Some british people have bad teeth. Some don't.
Some american people are fat, some aren't.

Ok - honestly, from someone who has immigrated from North America to live in England: Yes and no.

I would propopse that the percentage of British people who have bad teeth is greater than the percentage of North Americans who have bad teeth.

I am not even sure where the problem lies. I do think though that local councils in Canada and the USA take more responsibility to make good dental care accessible, even developing school programmes around dental care. Someone answered that things in the UK are changing slowly - and I agree with that.

I must admit though - coming from Canada I had never seen children scoff down so much candy as they do in the UK. Now Brits will be offended by this, but I don't see the parenting skills as equal either.

Generally speaking, North American people are much more idealistic. They want everything, the big house with the picket fence, a beautiful dog and three children playing on the rope swing on the tree in the back, a beautiful Stepford wife - and all of them have sparkling white smiles, even the dog. That is the image most North American's strive for.

In the UK I find - instant gratification is King. If it tastes good, eat it. If it feels good, do it. Think about the consequences later in life - life is there to be enjoyed, even squandered if possible. Having said that Brits are tend to be much more honest because they don't obsess about fitting into the ideal picture-frame of the 1950's.

Teeth just fall victim to the ideology.

Ok it was a bit deep - but that's my answer.

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