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 Best teeth whitening product?
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I've tried the crest white strips and didn't like ...

 When they remove your wisdom teeth do they knock you out.?
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 Guys would you date a girl that was pretty but her teeth were kinda messed up,?
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 My wisdom teeth?
i am getting surgery on MAY 16 and i was wondering what they do? im getting all 4 out they told me they were impacted and said that are not grown in all the way they said it will only take 15 minutes ...

 Can i get a cigerette off u?

 Bad breath?
i have bad breath, i do not smoke and my teeth are white i clean them 8 to 10 times a day because of my breath.
i even watch what i eat and drink and still i have bad breath.
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 Do teeth extractions hurt?
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i lost my crown while eating some ...

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 Which painkillers work best for brace pains? Or what else would stop it hurting so badly?
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 Braces question?
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I only need them on my top teeth. I wouldnt describe them as donkey teeth or beaver/woody woodpecker teeth or ...

 How would I get tested for mercury poisoning from amalgem fillings?

 Can you get an infection from a wisdom tooth extraction?
i got my wisdom teeth extracted one week ago and the pain stopped. except in my right top opening. the bottom ones are stitched but the top ones aren't. so is it possible. in that area its puffy ...

 I am getting braces at the end of summer i am scared that they will hurt do they?Help<3?

Why do people have to get their wisdom teeth removed?

so that they become stupid and obey the authorities like the church ,this is one of god´s devious tricks,when he makes them ache

don't get yours removed ,what ever happens or you will become susceptible to the Illuminati mind control
trust me

Mine were removed because mine were growing back into my jaw instead of toward the gum and were going to actually cut or pinch the nerve in which is in my jaw it would have paralyzed my jaw

Wisdom teeth are third molars.They are
useful especially if you have lost teeth in
the mouth.However,when they are impacted,
they can be painful and may need to be
removed. I found the information
at http://aches.in/wisdomteeth.html useful

I had to get them out to make room for the braces to push my front teeth back

Meshell Your Bell
Because a lot of time there isnt enough room in your mouth and it could end up pushing all of your teeth around and you might end up with overlapping and some serious pain.

Some people have pain or it gets infected or you might not have enough room in their mouth for them.

Lack of room in the jaw to fit the incoming teeth, or, the dentist is a little short on his child support payments.

2) THEY'RE IMPACTED (jammed up against other teeth)
Wisdom teeth are the third set of molars that typically emerge between the ages of 17 and 25 – the so-called “age of wisdom.” Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to erupt, and often cause problems when they finally emerge. In some cases, wisdom teeth come through the gums only partially or not at all (impaction). When a wisdom tooth is impacted, it usually must be removed (extracted).

Some experts believe wisdom teeth developed when early humans needed additional biting power to consume a rougher type of diet than is true for today’s humans. Others point out that the eruption of an extra set of molar in late adolescence to early adulthood may compensate for teeth lost due to poor dental care. However, over time evolution of jaw size, improvements in dental care and changes in diet have combined to reduce the space in the dental arch for wisdom teeth to emerge. This has led to complications.

In some cases, wisdom teeth emerge normally and do not cause any pain or other symptoms. However, many patients do experience symptoms. A tooth that only partially erupts creates an opening for bacteria to create an infection (pericoronitis), leading to tenderness or swelling around the gums, jaw stiffness and general illness.

Wisdom teeth that emerge in a poorly aligned fashion may damage adjacent teeth. Wisdom teeth often are difficult to reach during brushing, which can leave them vulnerable to tooth decay. In some cases, a cyst may form near the tooth that destroys bone or tooth roots.

A dental examination can reveal signs that a patient’s wisdom teeth have erupted. The dentist may take x-rays of the teeth to check for signs of impaction. If the dentist believes the wisdom teeth may be difficult to remove, the patient may be referred to an oral surgeon for further evaluation.

There are two approaches to treat impacted wisdom teeth. In the more conservative approach, the teeth are simply monitored unless they cause symptoms that begin to create problems. The more common and more active approach is to remove the teeth (extraction).

Many dentists believe that impacted wisdom teeth are almost certain to cause problems at some point, and recommend surgical extraction regardless of whether or not the patient is experiencing symptoms. Dentists typically prefer to remove wisdom teeth when the patient is between the ages of 16 and 21, before the tooth roots become implanted in the jawbone. Adults may also have wisdom teeth extracted, if they are not extracted during adolescence. Extraction usually takes between five and 30 minutes. In cases of more serious impaction, an oral surgeon may have to perform the extraction.

Following extraction, patients may experience a temporary period of minor pain, swelling and bleeding. However, the prognosis following extraction usually is excellent.

Because they come in when you are a young adult and they sometimes cause some pain The wisdom teeth try to sqeeze their way in there and sometimes they can move your teeth around. not fun

Why remove a wisdom tooth?

http://www.members.aol.com/swf08302/wizdk.jpg shows one reason. This is what can happen by the time you are 40 or 50 if you leave a wisdom tooth in place when it is impacted. The red arrows on the x-ray show the grey area that has decayed due to the wisdom tooth being present under the gum. The tooth shown is the exact same tooth shown in the x-ray, but turned so you can see the cavity. Food and bacteria can get down there and you can't clean it out. Eventually, it makes a cavity in the tooth next to the wisdom tooth and makes it so you have to have BOTH teeth removed.

It can cause your teeth to become crowded.

jack w
In some cases, the jaw bones are not large enough to allow the wisdom teeth to grow in without impacting with the other teeth. Therefore, wisdom teeth are removed to prevent their pushing the other teeth out of align, which usually causes a great deal of pain. Hence the term, impacted wisdom teeth.

people have to most of the time get there wisdom teeth removed mainly because there is not enough room. My mom didn't have to have her's removed until like 35. You don't have to have them removed. If they bother you though it is better to remove them though.

You do not have to have them removed. If you can reach them to keep them clean, they are just as good as your other teeth. In most cases people cannot reach them to brush properly. Then the dentist will pull them. There are also times they come in sideways or are impacted and have to be removed.

Sometimes is can hurt, or there is no room.

Cuddly Lez
There's no room for them in your mouth.

In many people, the wisdom teeth put pressure on the other teeth, causing the other teeth to shift and crowd each other, which can turn into big dental problems.

They hurt like hell.

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