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Why are my teeth so yellow?
I have braces and brush my teeth 3 times a day but there soooo yellow, i dont no why? I dont drink coffee i know thats ment to stain your teeth what else could it be?

Also is there anyway of whitening teet with braces on? I tried whitening tooth paste but it doesnt do anything
Additional Details
I dont smoke

there are a lot of whitening sollutions out there from over the counter to zoom whitening. your teeth are yellow becuase of coffe, smokling, ect... Get a whitening tooth paste in the mean time.

blue eyes
If you drink alot of soda pop - that can cause yellowing. Don't smoke and drink lots of milk!

Cindi D
I take it from your dismay that your teeth were not so yellow before? If you have red hair, you may know that people with red hair naturally have more orange/yellow pigment in their bodies and usually their teeth are more yellow-ish than people with other hair colors. I had braces for about 2 years and when I got mine off I had my teeth whitened. I think your teeth are going through enough trauma with the braces without subjecting them to whitening substances. Just let them be until the braces come off and then worry about it. It could be some sort of chemical reaction to the metal or whatever your braces are made out of, so that no matter what you do it won't matter until the braces are gone.

Scottie J
If you have ever had a high fever or if you have taken certain antibiotics your tooth enamel will be darker- maybe that's it.

Everything stains your teeth, from the sugar in ice cream, candy, etc,, to the salt on your burger, fries, to the peroxide in your soda that you drink. Just get one of those self whitening kits every few months or so and you'll be fine. Teeth will never stay white.

A smile freshens up the face better than any make-up can do , check out http://tipsfromruby-teethcare.blogspot.com/ for tips to have sparkle on your teeth and to keep them in good shape

Well I know that sodas will stain your teeth but also if you have naturly red hair your teeth will be more yello then those who dont have the red hair gean.. dont know why thats just what my dentist told me.. also I dont know if theres away to whiten them with braces I just wated till I got mine off then I went and go bleach trays wich worked wonders on my teeth.. Id say ask your aorthadontist next time you go in and im sure he/she could tell you.

Laura S
Several reasons for your teeth being yellow, but you need to check it out with your dentist. As far as whitening your teeth-- DON'T DO IT WITH BRACES ON! The brackets that are on your teeth right now are covering each of your teeth. By whitening your teeth, it's going to lighten all around your brackets- but you'll have a different color where your brackets were after they're removed. After you get your braces off, you may want to have your teeth professionally whitened. You'll get great results. -Talk to your orthodontist- about all your questions.

You'll have to wait until the braces are off.
Make sure you are brushing well! Use a power brush and brush on top of the brackets and below them. Brush for 2 mins. over lapping the gums.


you should bleach your teeth but that happened to me itll take a while before they turn back white you have to brush your teeth constantly

Here are many ways that you can whitening your teeth!

For home remedies.

Mix baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide to form toothpaste. Brush the teeth regularly with this paste. It will remove all stains in a month.

Use bicarbonate of soda 5 minutes before brushing the teeth with normal toothpaste in the morning. This is a good home remedy for teeth whitening.

Rubbing the bark of walnut tree on the teeth helps in removing all stains from the teeth.

Strawberries are considered natural teeth whiteners. Rubbing the teeth with strawberries daily will remove all the stains.

If you would like a suggestion on tooth whitening gel, here's something for you!

Crest Night Effects Whitening Gel (about $18.00) allows you to remove stains while you sleep. The tooth whitening system has a fresh, wintergreen flavor. After fourteen days of sleeping with this product on your teeth, you will wake up to a vibrant smile. You should see results in two days, although there are reports of tooth whitening results in one night

More on

Don't use whitening toothpaste because when u get ur braces off, it WILL leave a mark from where ur braces were!! Trust me! That happened to my best friend. I had braces, and I didn't need to worry about whitening b/c my teeth weren't yellow, but when u get ur braces off, buy a whitening kit at Wal-Mart, or something. Whitening kits really work!! Do u eat lot of sugary foods? That will make ur teeth like that. Try to eat a lot of fruits & vegetables, instead of like candy & junk food(if u do eat it). Well good luck! I'm sure ur teeth will look great after braces! :) :)

I'm not sure, do you floss? Do you eat candy often? Do you smoke?

Maybe go to a Dentist and get help. Are you brushing your teeth correctly?

Also, try drinking alot of milk and don't drink too much soda.

Hopefully they will get whiter :)

it could be many things,um cut back on your tea and sodas especially your juicies as for your teeth cleaning try some baking soda its going to be nasty but it does help keeping your teeth from turning yellow okay

most people have yellowish teeth and its just what your body has produced.

alot of people with so called "white" teeth have chemically treated them.

my dentist said the more enamal on one's teeth the more yellow they look. enamal is good because it protects the tooth, however, it can get ugly if you teeth are really yellow.

just keep using whitening, however if there is baking soda in the toothpaste you are only destroying the enamal which is why your teeth may start to look whiter.

crest whitening strips help alittle and may help in your case but I would wait until your braces are completly off.

ps. you are brushing your teeth after every time you pop something in your mouth are you not?

did you ever see someone with a thin grayish line accross their teeth that looks like a tattoo of braces?

if not its hard to explain.

but that is a stain that is not removable (even with whitening) left from the braces when that person did not brush adequately.

so, if you are worrying about yellow you will certainly worry if you have a remaing stain of your braces.

brush up.

Cole Marie'
Do you drink pop or orange juice? Both of those things stain your teeth.

Jennifer M
food stuck in your braces might be making your teeth yellow:

always make sure you gargle with Mouthwash or brush ur teeth after every meal if you have braces and also try to floss to remove food stuck in your braces

also sodas, smoking, Soy sauce, some berries, curry, coffee, tea, and red wine can contribute to the staining

I had braces and they ruined my teeth no matter how much i took care of them,
i am now 28 an looking into crowns and bridge work or...ick dentures.
i hated braces and my teeth ended up moving on top of it all. good luck but i hope ur teeth are stronger then mine

some of the teeth are like yours. and there is no special reason for it. your teeth are this kind. my friend is like you.
I think you have to look for a special kind of Toothpastes that makes your teeth lighter. sorry i forget the name. but if you look for it, you will find it.

Amie G
Dark soda can stain your teeth.

Tea also stains teeth as well as many other foods and drinks seek the advice of a dentist.

Flower Girl
You are not supposed to use whitening toothpaste when you have braces. The reason for this is that when the braces come off the part of the tooth that was under the brace will still be discolored. Just wait until they come off then start whitening them.

Mrs Rev. Schnorr, Sr.
Tea does it to mine, and I HATE it. Talk to your dentist. Good luck.

Hard Hearted Hannah
Do not use pure peroxide! I put a couple of drops on my toothbrush and it really whitened. But a week later my teeth are paper thin and decaying very fast.

I don't really recommend whitening strips but maybe a Total toothpaste that has whitening in it. I use it and it works. Another thing, a dentist told me to always use a straw when drinking anything like tea coffee soda etc... Drink plenty of water if it is floridated. no straw. Some medicines can turn teeth yellow or even brown. It could even be health related so ask your dentist and your doctor.
Do drink lots of milk.
Good luck, everybody worries about white teeth, keep researching!

coffee, coke, smoking, dark liquids

you definitely do not want to whiten your teeth with braces on, because when they come off, you will have little squares on your teeth that will be very noticeable.

i dont know why your teeth are yellow but go to your regular dentist and have them cleaned.

Kathy B
Have you ever taken antibiotics:? That could be the reason for the yellow teeth. Try brushing your teeth with baking soda. Just dip your tooth brush in the baking soda and brush morning and night. Strawberries are a natural stain remover for the teeth as well. Believe me when you get your braces off your teeth will appear whiter then they do now with the braces on.

♥ Nichole ♥
I can only answer one question, sorry. After you get your braces off, ask your doctor to bleach your teeth or whiten them. My dentist told me after I get my braces off they can whiten them, but you can't do it while the braces are on.

Jay W
If you don't smoke or drink coffee, tea or other beverages that stain your teeth , genetics may be the reason that your teeth are yellow.

not being rude - but bad breath can cause your teeth to go yellow.
use mouth wash with plaque control!

MiSs SeCrEt !
do u smoke that might be a problem if not consult ur dentist he/she will know best :)

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