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Meru B
Which is better: Listerine or Crest Mouth Wash?
Crest doesn't burn and the commercials says only difference from Listerine is the lack of alchohol. So which one is better if you don't want the burning mouthwash?

The burn is good for you!!!!!! Man up and Take it!!!!!

Witchy Woman
Crest mouth wash

i like listerine better

ACT the flouride Mouthwash that helps prevent cavities from forming

You are probably better off with the crest one.

After getting my teeth professional cleaned (ZOOM whitening). The Listerine turned my teeth back yellow within a month. Crest is good no matter what color usually blue, my teeth maintain their cosmetic whitening look.

Ronnie G
I trust crest, because dentists tell you to use it better then listerine, too much alcohol actually give you dry sockets in your mouth if you have cavities and i know that would hurt

I prefer Listerine. but it really is your choice.

Salt Water is best


arveen paria arasuk
Listerine way better


I love Listerine

i would have to say crest mouth wash.


i personally like the burn of listerine it makes me feel like i know it's getting the job done..plus.. i have more confidence knowing i don't have stinky breathe when talking to guys..lol

i prefer listerine. i like the burn bc otherwise i feel like its not working.

I dilute the Listerine with a little water so it doesn't burn --- there's also a natural Mouthwash on the market and it doesn't burn at all.

Go for the one with out so much alchol. This apparently with make your breath even worse

I like Listerine better

Listerine is the better the burning is the best part. i like it.it is what kills the grerms. but try Equate it is Walmarts brand about half the price and is the same thing

Crest tastes better.

My dentist says Listerine is better

I prefer Listerine, the burning tells you it's working!! =)

Listerine the new versions have less of the burn but still work.
I hated the crest mouth wash my mouth just did not seem clean.

I love the burn. I use the listerine breath strips. You need the alchohol to really do the trick. I don't know what those people were thinking when they took it out of most of them!!

Morgan T
I have liked listerine better because it contains more active ingredients that actually clean your mouth and help prevent gingivitis and plaque. It also gives a fresher breath just from experience because I have both. If you are looking for a subtle mouth wash, go for Crest but if you want intense freshness, Listerine is the best choice possible.

tim r
clinical evidence proves that listerine is the most effective However, a product called Breath Rx rinse contains the active ingredients of both crest and listerine without the alcohol so this product is clinically superior to all other over the counter products . Find it at your dentist or fred meyer

they both work the same.

listerine.as my doc has told me to use it coz it is less medicated n doesnt harm if used prolonged.

heather b
I say if you dont like the burning effect of Listerine then use Crest. I have never tried Crest but I like Listerine, it is alittle strong and sometimes I will dilute it just a tad...but its your preference

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