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 What should I do for a really bad tooth ache?
Please offer some advice. I feel very ill. My dentist will not be back until Thursday, and he been out for two weeks. I been in so much pain. Thank you in advance....

 Does taking a pepto-bismol at night make your tounge black in the morning?

 I am 10 weeks Pregnant and I have an abscessed tooth. Can I get it pulled now or not?

 Can I use superglue on my tooth?
A Cap on my front tooth recently fell of and i can only get onto the waiting list at my dentist which could take awhile. Can I use superglue to hold it temporarily in place until i get in?...

 Teeth Whiteness?
How do I whiten my teeth so that it is actually noticeable?...

 False Teeth?
why do people pay to have false teeth, then never wear them?
My husband don't wear his and neither does my friends husband. Will their cheeks sink eventually so they look like popeye? They ...

 Braces & confidence?
okay...i dont have as much confidence that i could have if i had braces..but im getting them in january..but what i wanted to know, is if anyone gained more confidence after they got their braces put ...

 How can you sterilize retainers after they've been in the trash/lost?
I lost my retainer, but I found it in my trashcan outside. It was in with garbage from my kitchem, car and office. Does anyone know how I can effectively clean my retainer again so I can use it ...

 I have really bad breath?
my girlfriend just told me that i've had bad breath ever since I met here. listerine only helps for like an hour... what can i do?? can the dentist give me something?...

 I want my teeth whiter! baking soda?
if i brush my teeth with baking soda will it make them whiter?
also can i use it in combination with blanx whitener?
are there any other 'home remedies' i can use to make my teeth ...

 Is this normal for someone w/ braces?
My ortho appointments are usu. 3 weeks apart; recently i've heard that normally they are 4-6 weeks apart. Why are my appointments so close? is this going to speed up the treatment?

 Should I do "sleep" (sedation) dentistry for a root canal?
I am getting a root canal. The dentist is charging me $200 for the sleep dentistry pill. I realize that the tooth will be numbed, so I won't feel much, if anything. Should I also pay $200 for ...

 Do white strips work?
I see these Crest or Colgate white strips around and was wondering if I should give those a shot. Thanks....

 What can I use/do to make me teeth stronger?
I chipped one of my front teeth while eating a cob of corn and now it hurts alot to bit on anything with my front teeth...that one in particular. Going to the dentist is not an option at the moment ...

 Yellow teeth???
i have yellow teeth and i wanna get rid of the yellowness but it might be hereditery and i am not going to use whiting strips and i brush at least 2 times a day!!??any good toothpastes?oh and does ...

 What is the price of metal orthodontic braces?

 Bad breath!!!?
I brush my teeth when I should, but I always have bad breath. I know a girl who has it and it is a BIG turn off so are there any products, home remedies, or any other tips! Thanks!...

 Teeth Emergency!!!!!?
My mom just had the top part of her mouth done at the dentist and now has a partial denture on the roof of her mouth. She is in a LOT i repeat a LOT of pain and i need to know maybe a home remedy or ...

 What does it mean when you can roll your tongue into a clover/tie cherry stems?
I can do it, and I've heard a lot of different things about what it means, so I was just wondering....

 How much milk are you supposed to drink a day?
My mom said you only need milk occasionally. Am I supposed to drink an 8 oz cup or 4 oz. Or should I do as my mom says?
Additional Details
I'm not allergic. My mom just doesn't ...

Where does your tongue sit when it isn't being used?
When you are sitting silently, where is your tongue? Does it lay in the bottom of your mouth?
Additional Details
SERIOUSLY- Does it lay in the bottom of your mouth, or do you force it to press against the roof of your mouth?

Probably some place not near where your right leg should be when you're not using that!

Douglas D
No, mine curls up & goes to sleep.

I like to keep mine in my mouth.

im guessing in your mouth?

Fleur N
Funny question...but the answer is in your mouth! where else?behind your teeth...lol... it lays inside your mouth, like a filling inside of a cake =]

As soon as I read your question I noticed that mine was at the roof of my mouth.

The bottom of my mouth.

Wite Out

yes it lays down on the bottom and resting

It is supposed to just sit there in the bottom of your mouth. The widest part of your tongue should match up to the inside points of the lower teeth when it is at rest.

Dr. Sam

Snickle Beast
Uh, it sits right behind my front teeth. I think.

If I sit with my mouth open, then yes, it is in the bottom of my mouth, behind my teeth.

Usually I sit with my mouth closed, so that I don't look stupid LOL. In this case my tongue is loose but it is behind by both upper and lower teeth. It touches the roof of my mouth in some places. Hey, it just kinda doesn't fit inside if I don't let it touch the roof.

To your comment to Dr Sam - is it possible that you are stressed and tense? I see often on some people when they are stressed or exremely concentrated they push their tongue to their cheek or something like that, i.e. their tongue is not relaxed when they are stressed.

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