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ღ 3SA sL33PY CaNT B3 sToPP3dღ
When you get your teeth pulled out?
can the dentist put you to sleep? or they only use the needle to numb it?

Keith Python
They have to be qualified as an anaesthesiology. It can be very dangerous.

they can give you a sleepy gas, tht numbs you up, i recommend tht. the tooth pulling isnt bad, its just pressure from there

Both, for me I get the needle since I don't fall asleep when they use the gas stuff. The needle doesn't hurt though...for me atleast, it just feels like a super quick bee sting.

Timmy Aces
If u have the numbing shot, you can't feel it anyways... plus he puts a numbing gell on your gums before he gives you the shot...AND, while you are having your teeth pulled he keeps a couple of shots ready just in case you start feeling something...it doesn't hurt it only bleeds alot.
I had 2 teeth pulled about 7-8 months ago...
hope this helps

Jaime V
Hey, getting your teeth pulled huh? Well I think it really depends on how bad your teeth are. They can put you out but prefer not to if it is routine. Good Luck!

P.S. Remeber No Drinking With A Straw Afterwards!!

most of the time he'll put you to sleep dont if he only numbs you ,you can still sort of feel it a are awake the whole time

they use the needle to numb it so it doesnt hurt you might feel something but it wont hurt that much just very very very little so dont worry if you are getting your teeth pulled out i got like 2 pulled out and they were not wisdom teeth

usually a needle, sometimes gas. with some wisdom teeth operations have heard of using anesthesia. its usually not as bad as you think its going to be.

They can put you to sleep it depends on the dentist and how bad your teeth are impacted.

Only if you want him to. You'd probably have to pay for it if you want it b/c it's usually not part of the procedure. They do use a needle to numb you. I got mine done with the numb and laughing gas which didn't help and( I had to pay $100 for the gas out of pocket) it was still HORRIBLE. Good luck!

Most will simply use novocaine (needle). Some will use novocaine and gas. A few will, on request, do "sedation dentistry". Sedation dentistry does not put you out or render you less conscious in any way. They simply use Verset - so you won't remember anything 5 minutes later.

That's for simple extractions. For full-blown oral surgery, you may be put completely under. You would know if you were scheduled for oral surgery.

jon jon's girl
some dentists will put you to sleep but most dentists will send you to an oral surgeon if you wish to be put to sleep. It just depends on the dentist.

bkelly is a loser
unless its a molar, it's really kinda pointless and a waste to be put to sleep. Being awake for it is kind of weird, you can see the dentist really pulling pretty hard on your teeth, and all you feel is a little pressure, no pain at all

the first tooth i had pulled, i was put under for it at like 9 or 10 in the morning, and i was out the rest of the day. I didn't wake up 'til like 5 or 6

I think sometimes it depends on your insurance and what they will pay for or sometimes it is your decision. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled (2 were impacted) I was put to sleep, by choice. It was a painful recovery only for a couple of days and it quickly got less painful.

only needle, it will be very risky to put you to sleep just for pulling a tooth or something

I'm 14 and I'm getting teeth pulled wednsday. At my dentist, they give me laughing gas and numb it with a needle. The needle hurts, but that's the only yhing that bothers me. Also the sound of the teeth coming out! Its sooo gross!!! Hope this helps!

It depends on the dentist/practice. If you prefer additional anesthetic, you need to discuss this with your dentist prior to your appointment. Not all dentists offer conscious sedation (by laughing gas) or general anesthetic (being put to sleep). If you prefer something the office you're going to doesn't offer, then it's acceptable for you to ask for a referral to an office with will accomodate your needs.

The denist used the needle on me but it wasn't bad. The needle felt like a small pinch and about 5 mins later, you'll feel the numbness. When the dentist will just rock your tooth from side to side with some plyers but you'll only hear cracking. After the pulling is done. They should prescribe you some pain killers, which you only end up using for a day or two. If you want to be put to sleep, you could ask, but i dont think you should need it. As for meeee, im getting all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out today and im getting putt to sleep just becuase the wisdom teeth aren't fully out yet so they have to cut thru my gums. yay for me lol.

I had to have every tooth in my head removed recently.....never again

dentists dont like using gas

Have you talked with your Dentist and/or the oral surgeon who will be doing the work.Because of the way the wisdoms were going to push through, my dentist suggested having all 4 removed at one time. Oral surgeon did it his office. Just put me to sleep.3 hours later I wake-up,...and fall-back to sleep for about another hour. wake-up again. this time in fog-city,after that,my head starts to clears. And the pain starts(on pain pills for a week).

...long ago, in an office far,far away...

Depending on where you go.....I would research local dentists in your area. There are some that offer full sleep methods and some dont. It is like a commercial said.....you wouldnt have your appendix removed without the proper anesthesia.....so why do the same with your teeth!! Call and ask which destists offer what you are looking for!

♥Shortstuff ♥
They can do both!!!


Normally they just numb you or use nitrous oxide aka laughing gas. If you are having lots of teeth pulled you can ask to see an oral surgeon and be put to sleep.

Either. Ask. I have had 3 teeth pulled (wisdom) , just a local.

Ask for the gas and a needle I do and I"m terrified but it does the trick.

I have had more than my share of teeth pulled and it has varied with each time. When I had my wisdom teeth out, they knocked me out completely. When I had a couple permanent teeth out the gave me shots in the mouth to numb it as well as laughing gas. When I had some baby molars pulled, they just gave me numbing shots. So I guess to answer your question...it just depends on the situation and the dentist.

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