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Whats good for tooth ache?
rather not the anser be dentist but it hurts and feels a bit losse...what do i do? thanx


Pollys Mum
If its your first set thats ok it will come out .....if second set DO NOT USE Mouthwash....if you have been using Mouthwash you might want antbiotics...good luck

Professional dental treatment

Please go to the dentist after 5 mins you will be fine

if you can't find anything and want to stay at home, ICE.

Usually lots of swet things and not brushing your teeth. Works for me everytime, regards Gummy Joe

ice it realy really helped me

♥ Shibzz♥
Clove oil

whiskeys good for tooth ache

Oil of cloves dabbed on, stinks but works.

You could also try Bonjella if you can't stand the smell/taste of the cloves.

mia 2012

If the tooth feels loose, you might have a gum or bone problem that should be treated, beginning with a deep cleaning. It sounds like it could be gingivitis or periodontal disease.

Sorry but Dentist is the best option

A dentist

clove oil, or oil of Clove, can't remember which way round it is!

Dab a bit on cotton wool and hold on the tooth, it numbs it!

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