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Hi i just got braces
I need some sugjestions for colors.
Not to bright please.
Additional Details
o ya im a ...

 How to help/cure a toothache???
heres the deal: my mom has a crown that is causing major pain a.k.a. infection got in the nerve. we moved so now we dont have a dentist HERE. she going to our other dentist on july 24th but hes 5 ...

 Root canal?
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 What is the best thing to use to whiten your teeth without going to the dentist?

 Wisdom teeth?
i am 23 and i getting wisdow teeth how do i get the pain to stop cause all 4 are comeing ...

 Am I too old to get braces?

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Oh I apologize...Im 32 and I would have to get permission from a military dentist to get them but I would pay out of pocket if its not too late for me to get braces......

 Im a dentist and I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Okay. I am a dentist and I tend to have some pretty nervous patients what are some ways I can get them to relax? What do I do?...

 How much teeth our mouth has ?

 Is it ok to brush your teeth in the shower?

 Any suggestions for a toothache?

 My teeth always seem to be yellowish, HELP?
I dont smoke, I dont coffee alot, and I brush my teeth, but I dont know why their still yellowish. I've used whitening products, but they dont seem to help. The only time my teeth seem to be ...

 Can anybody recommend a teeth whitening product?
Do any of them actually work? I've been using whitening toothpaste for 3 years and its done sod all....

 My jaw has been kind of popping in and out when i chew gum..?
My jaw has been kind of popping in and out when i chew gum, or soemthing really chewy. Is that bad and is there anything i can do. I jsut recently got one of my wisdom teeth in, i'm 18, i don...

 I haven't been to the dentist in 20 years?
I'm sure things have improved and changed drastically, If you are getting a filling do you still get the needle in your mouth? What's new do they still use drills etc. (big chicken!)

 I drank something hot n the gum at the roof of my mouth peeled off a lil. and i ripped it off,how i cure?hurts

 Do braces hurt?
do braces hurt please tell the truth im getting them in 13 days and i am very scared also what are the steps they put them on and what colors should i not get cause i want to get baby blue but i dont ...

 I just (today) had two of my wisdom teeth removed. My instruction sheet says to use "moise gauze"...
How do I make it moist exactly? Just add water and stick it back over the open space? I truly need advice on what to do. My parents aren't home and I can't talk any way. If you've had ...

 How do you get rid of cold sores in your mouth?

 Can anyone tell me a remedy to stop a tooth ache from hurting I'm in pain please help!?

 I have tartar around my teeth. it cant remove by brushing only. what should i do?

Pete B
What would cause white spots on gums around teeth?

Doc. justasinner111
oral cancer or aids.

go 2 a doctor!!!!!!!!!!!

i noticed some white sputs on my gums too. And i've been told i have Gum disease by the dentist. so it's just that, gum disease

Brian Reed
Dunno, have you been brushing ur teeth?

Type 2 oral herpes.

Brie W
Several factors, including a fungal infection of the mouth. Dentist can prescribe something for this. Have it checked out.

They could also be Fordyce's spots or Fordyce's Granules.
These are just ectopic (misplaced) sebacious glands that appear in your mouth as white/yellowish spots... usually on the insides of your cheeks and lips...

Sounds like it might be thrush. If it is, it is caused by fungus growing in your mouth. The white areas are patches of growing fungus and are called plaques (pronounced 'plackz').

There is a product called Magic Mouthwash that will get rid of thrush. Four times a day you take an ounce (30 mL) and swish it all through your mouth, then swallow it. You can swish with other mouthwashes to get rid of the plaques in your mouth, but the thrush will keep coming back because it is down in your throat too. I don't know if Magic Mouthwash is prescription or over the counter.

Have you been on antibiotics recently? Sometimes this can lead to thrust infection because the antibiotics kill off the harmless micro-organisms that normally live in your mouth. You know how in your garden, you plant ground cover so that weeds have no place to grow? But if you just have bare soil, weeds will come in? That is how killing off the normal microbes creates a place for the thrush fungus to get in and flourish.

If you haven't been on antibiotics recently and still have thrush, it could be a sign or symptom of some other condition that is interfering with your immune system and/or normal oral fauna. In that case, I'd go to a doctor or clinic.

have you tried cleaning your mouth??

Brush your teeth more

gingivitis or thrush

stacy B
you need to see a doctor !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you been whitening your teeth? If you get an excess of whitener on your gums, it will temporarily damage them.

Do you use smoke-less tobacco?

i am not try to be mean or funny but try brushing you teeth thats what wrong


hahahahaha j/k

See a dentist.

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