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What will happen if i use expired crest whitening strips?
it says best if used by march 25th 2006.. what will happen if i use them? will i get like poisoned?

Stop That Twinkie!!
Well uh you won't get poisoned you'll just walk around feeling and loooking like an idiot because you have on crest whitestrips that aren't working lol

No, I don't think they would work very well. I also don't think that anyone should use them, anyway. They take the enamel off oyur teeth and in the long run aren't very good for you. But, to answer your question, I think they will not work, yet I don't think you would get poisoned.

This was the closest link I could find, but I'll keep looking...I'd say you're safe, it just may not be as effective. Usually the expiration date on drugs refers to the 'active' ingredients.


Nothing. They may not work as good, but most likely there fine.

Joey Joe, yo
it won't work as well as it would've BEFORE Mar 25 2006

day dreamin baby
no you won't get poisoned. THey might just not work as well as they would have.

No you won't get poisoned, they just might not be as effective as they state they are, due to the expiration date being bad now.

I know, I know!!!!
no, they may not have the full effect they had before the expiration date but you wont get sick or anything

Will not harm your teeth, but the active ingrediant may have lost some of its potency.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO don't use that EXPIRED crap on ur teeth .. go to ur dentist...

it's OK to use them as long as the individual strip is still sealed stuff like that is good for up to one year after it expires

theirs an expired date on crest whitening strips?

no it well slowly rot away tooth enamel untill ur teeth have holes in them...
no kidding!!! i think it means it does more whitening by march 25th

then they wont work

The manufacture has to put a date on the product that indicates when the product has expired. Most of these dates are far ahead of when the drug become inactive. The most likely thing that will happen with whitening strips is that they just won't whiten your teeth.

Look at the ingredients and see if they contain some sort of poison - which I would doubt. Try them and see what happens. Or just use any one of the many whitening tooth pastes. I use Crest and it works well for me. I use it every two days.

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