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Ali I
What ways can they fix chipped teeth at the dentist?

Southern Princess
part of one of my molars was chipped and they did a little drilling because there was decay then they filled it

it depends on which tooth but when my daughter was hit in the face with a baseball and chipped her front tooth we took her to a dentist and they just built that part of tooth back up and leveled it with other teeth. good luck!

It depends on how bad the chip is. I had a very minor chip in a tooth and the dentist was able to file it smooth. If it's a bigger chip, they may have to put a cap on it.

The biggest issue is the severity of the chip. If just a slight chip, the dentist can just shave it down a bit until it matches the contour of the rest of that tooth. If a bigger chip, the dentist can use a bonding restoration, or a veneer....especially if it's a front tooth. These restorations look very natural for cosmetic satisfaction and work well. If it's a much larger chip or fracture, the dentist may need to put a crown (cap) on the tooth. This requires cutting much of the tooth down, taking an impression, and fabricating a crown in the shape of the tooth that fits over the treated tooth and cemented into place. Crowns can be done on front teeth, or back, and the front teeth will be white in appearance. A crown on a back tooth does not have to be white.

bonding....works great...lasts quite a while ...

I suppose it depends on the size of the chip. I had a few small ones (settled between two teeth) and my orthodontist filled them in with porcelain then filed it down.
Larger chips would be corrected by bonding, veneers or crowns.

They can re-create the original shape of the tooth or they can make a crown that would cover the old tooth completely.

I fell and chipped three of my front teeth and my dentist used a bonding agent to make them look normal again.

Another, more drastic, way is to cap the chipped teeth, depending on how badly they're chipped.

Good luck. I know how badly I felt about my teeth until I got them fixed and could smile again.

I don't know how they fix it, but my dentist fixed mine and it didn't take long and it didn't hurt.

Kristin :]
They can replace the teeth that are chipped or "shave" off some of the bottom parts of the other teeth to even out the bottom of your teeth.

They can be capped, and you would never know to look at them that they were.

they usually shave them down until their even

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