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Chris M
What liquidised food can i eat if i have my jaw wired shut?

Additional Details
i mean shut tight, food can have no bits in and must be drinkable through a straw.

Get a puree (blender) you can eat baby foods through a straw.. just step 1 though

I know somebody that had this done.. they drank any drinks they wanted and pureeed their meals... She ate alot of pudding through a straw.

I know it seems rough Thank God its not permanent!

I am a boxer and trust me when I tell you this....I've had my jaw wired shut too and so has most of my teamates. Drink a dietary supplement called Boost. It has all the essential vitamins and protien you need. You may loose a little weight, but you won't be hungry.

Well you can eat anything if you put your mind to it & are that determined!!! A friend of mine had her jaw wired to lose weight and literally liquidised EVERYTHING!! Even cream cakes!! And she wondered why she didn't lose weight haha!! She eventually had the wires removed because it didn't work & she had a gastric bypass instead which did work. So I suppose if you are sensible you can pretty much eat a balanced diet-the doctor performing the surgery will be able to explain what you can have.

that is a toughy I'm sure a hospital dietitian can help you best with the answer. so perhaps before you have this done you might contact your local hospital for advice.

Practically anything, bits can be strained out using a seive. Are you on a diet? Is your jaw broken? It can make a difference to the foods you should be taking. If your jaw is broken then it doesn't matter what you eat, as long as it goes through a straw. if you are on a diet then your dietician should have given you a list of the type of foods you should be drinking. Mainly vegetable juices, liquidised soups (home made fresh veg being best), fruit juices (freshly juiced is best) strain any bits out, such as seeds. There are a variety of juicers, blenders and smoothie makers out there. You have never had it so good, being you have no choice but to drink through a straw.

You can eat ANYTHING as long as it's liquid and has no kind of chunks or pieces in it.

They will get stuck in your braces.

I had a broken jaw when I was in the Navy and I stayed in the hospital until it mended.

The dietitian and cooks would liquefy whatever was on the menu for the day.

I survived and so will you.

Good luck.


Take a look at this link, you need pdf to view it.

You could have those non- sugar added ice-pops .My dad is diabetic and I buy him things like that all the time . You should also consider eating foods that aren't mixed that you would liquify because you could get nauseated from all those things in one cup . :)

you can try
soup in a cup

you can liquidise any food.
I do raw juices all the time vegetable and fruit.
You can cook a normal meal then liquidise it(like you do for a baby, and use some liquid,water etc to thin it out. you can heat it in the microwave and drink through a straw.
soup is a good alternative though, with no bits,milkshake,also.

The Shadow
I hope you have all your teeth.
A friend of mine was very overweight and had his jaw wired shut, but he had a tooth missing and he used to push chips and rolled-up slices of ham through the hole.

ENSURE. It is a milkshake type drink in a can, contianing nutrients needed when eating is not an option. You can buy it in grocery stores, Walmart, and pharmacies.

The most important thing that you should ingest daily is "Ensure" to maintain your daily nutrients so your health doesn't suffer while your healing. This shouldn't affect your sugar level, but as always keep an eye on that with regular sugar checks. Any other should contain vegetables in juices. You can ask the doctor office, they probably have a list of foods that are readily available especially with you being diabetic. Good luck and hope you heal up quickly!

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