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MisZ ComPLiCaTtEd
What kind of toothpaste should i use for my braces?

Additional Details
sorry i meant toothpaste

Movie Lover
If they are new, try using SensoDyne, otherwise any toothpaste that you would normally use

it doesn't really matter, i have braces and i use a different toothpaste everyweek and my teeth are fine, good luck!

i have braces and you can use anykind

You should use a toothpaste that has flouride in it. It's not the toothpaste it's how you brush. See if you can find a threader so that you can floss between the braces.

J Lo
Glister is a Multi-Action Fluoride Toothpaste. It foams for a completely clean feel every time you brush, it whitens your teeth and it tastes great too... I use it and everyone in my family, we love it.

sensitive toothpaste, or enamel care

Call your dentists.

the queen
All tooth pastes have to meet standards set by the ADA so you should be OK..... I would recommend a Fluoride rinse though. Phosphlor is a new one on the market and it has results. It cost more money than ACT but its well worth it. You won't get those white spots on your teeth from your enamel breaking down.

any kind of toothpaste it is really about how you angel te brush on how clean your teeth get

Ashley R
I used Sensodyne the 5 years I had mine, because my teeth became very sensitive during that time.

Clara M
I like the Crest, plain white color sweet mint I think.

Random Precision
You ought to buy a WaterPik. They work great!

Just continue using your regular one;

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